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A trip through Konkan Railway-1 August 10, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

A rail journey through the scenic Konkan Railway is the Indian rail-fan’s ultimate dream. The first time I travelled through Konkan Railway was on 14 December 2006 – from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) to Kerala on the 6345 Netravati Express. It was one of my most scenic rail trips ever. I clicked a few snaps then on the LTT-Panvel-Roha-Chiplun stretch, promising to do a full-fledged rail-photography session in the future.

A few days later, I travelled again from Kerala to Madgaon on the 168 Trivandrum-Dadar Holiday Special. I clicked a few snaps again, mostly on the Honnavar-Asnoti-Madgaon stretch. From Madgaon, I travelled to Mangalore on the 2619 Matsyagandha Express, mostly clicking snaps of Mangalore when the train got there in the early morning.

This year, I travelled from Ernakulam to Dadar on the Ernakulam-Dadar Holiday special that left Ernakulam after midnight (8 June 2007). This gave me a chance to photograph the stretch from Kannur-Kasaragod-Kankanadi-Udupi-Bhatkal-Kumta-Cancona-Madgaon during daytime. Click here to view a Google Map of my trip.

The journey was exciting and featured the following:

I have uploaded images of the Ernakulam-Dadar (UP) trip on Flickr. Click here to view them. There are 162 snaps in all. I will upload snaps from my return trip from Mumbai to Kerala (DOWN) trip soon.

Slide gives me an awesome way to give you a sneak preview of my images in this happening ‘8mm film treatment’. If you like what you see in here, you can head to Flickr. As always, your comments are welcome!

Here’s my pick of the best 5 snaps.

And this is my all time fav…

And here’s a sneak look at the entire lot.

Konkan-Railway-Trip-1 Thumbnails



1. venugopal - August 11, 2007

very good

2. Lewis Green - August 11, 2007


India is so vast and so very beautiful, especially by rail. It is not hte image that we Americans have, I think, as Bombay is about the only picture we get of India. Thank you for sharing. And, yes, I do want to visit one day.

raghavan - June 17, 2010

Lewis, Other than these photos, India has many varities, exploring to which you may take ages.. For example, you can take Karnataka. You can see the areas surrounded by western ghats and that is really fantastic.

3. Luc Debaisieux - August 12, 2007

YOU are ONE of a photographer! I told you already and I do it again!
Wow! I love the slide show with the scratches as well…

Your country is as seen through your eyes fascinating. I’d love to visit and discover all these beautiful sites with you to tell me all about it. The opportunity to have the side stories, the background of what we see on this planet is unique. I like to imagine that, like in a dream, one day this will come true.
Thank you for sharing… and please… keep doing it!

4. C.B. Whittemore - August 13, 2007

Arun, this is magical! Thank you for sharing these views. It’s a relief to know Indian Railway’s committment to women, too!

5. Lazar - August 27, 2007

I was just trying to see the route my wife and children taking from Trichur in Kerala to Mumbai via Konkan Railway and stumbled upon Mr. Arun Rajagopal’s page. Breathtaking. I miss this particular train journey. I envy my wife and children on their return journey on 4th Sept. by Netravathy Exp…Sitting here in Kuwait…I am happy at least they are enjoying this new experience, since they were also living in Kuwait for the last 10 years…

I hope to travel on Konkan Railway in my next trip to India.

6. Bharath - November 4, 2007

this is one of my dream route.. I liked your blog.

7. Alok - November 22, 2007

Hey, those are some real cool pics ! Good job! I am also planning for my Konkan trip some time end of this year. would be happy to know more about the route from you.


8. Tiji - January 30, 2008

thanks very good

9. RABIN CHANDRA GUHA - May 17, 2008

I want to join in Konkan railway as a Staff of HR Deptt. I am already working in HR deptt. of Howrah Division under Eastern Railway. My present designation is Staff & Welfare Inspector. I have 21 years experience in Indian railway. Hope Ishall be cosidered for joining in Konkan Railway.

10. SANJAY KHEDEKAR - May 30, 2008


11. Mehboob - June 25, 2008

Yes dear Sanjay konkan is even more beutiful in raini weather i really miss my village.

12. jay - July 16, 2008

hi ,arun can u tell me from which station to other should i book
ticket n buy which train so i can enjoy my journey best .

13. AK Muttil - July 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Sanjay,

Its superb, very nice pictures, wish to travel through Konkan.

14. Ananda Mukhopadhyay - July 30, 2008


Its Great. We are planning to travel via that route on that train itself this week.
Going by Bus and returning via train.
I hope it will be a marvelous journey.

Thanks again for those mind blowing photos.

15. vivek - August 29, 2008

Thank you for your information Arun. Its really been amazing to see the pictures. When i saw these pictures i had started searching for the ebooking. I search for the Konkan railways. It ws very hard to find the ticket availability in the official website. it takes to long to load and lots of pop-up advertisements. i finally booked my tickets on 30th of August. I was made up easy to find the ticket availability in these http://www.indiantrains.org/ , http://www.indiantrains.org/ticket-availability/ . Friends if you want to book any tickets or to find the trains you can use this sites it will more helpful.

16. deberigny - December 5, 2008

The railways of India; a legacy of the Raj; an illustrious colonial contribution to the Subcontinent; a rule that was only marred by the tragedy of Partition. Great photos, they encourage me to make a trip to India.

17. mb - December 23, 2008

Great pics…hope to see and enjoy the landscape through my own eyes soon. Great job!

18. saurabh - December 29, 2008

very nice

19. Vijay Loke - January 3, 2009

If anyone is interested in staying and visiting these beautifull places first hand, we wish to inform that we have a homestay in a village called Doptewadi. The home is close to a waterfall, a beach, an ancient fort, temples, mango orchards etc.

You can see Konkan up close staying with us.

You can get in touch at greenearthculture@gmail.com.

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21. mohammad aftab qasim - January 18, 2009

U done really good job arun even i am freak of fotography during my train journey but u have clicked some amazing pics .we guys have gone so many times for south india trip from delhi even this august we are also goin but after see ur pics ,we have planned to go by konkan railway..thanks buddy

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24. Jemshid Hashim - March 14, 2010

Excellent, Classic, Fantastic, Marvellous pictures. Thanks for sharing it….

25. Karmveer Singh Rathore - July 8, 2010

After seeing of these pictures i want to travel from this place, when will the best time to travel from this place, please send me through e-mail. Please,because i am the nature loving man.

26. geeta - September 8, 2010

hi, hv heard a lotttttttt about the curves & caves while travelling by konkan railway between trivandrum & kurla….. wish to know where exactly the raigadh valleys, waterfalls etc come during the jrny as i am planning to go to goa

27. Jimmy - September 9, 2010

These images are fantastic! Rail holidays are becoming more and more popular. I am sure this scenic journey is well worth it!

28. rejith raman - November 3, 2010

its nice
great job ,,hope we get more from u,,,,

29. Kamlesh Patel - December 20, 2011

Need to contact you please e-mail me once you receive this e-mail. I need a videographer in 3rd & 4th week in Feb 2012, who has travelled the konkan railway for some work.

30. Nikhil - February 21, 2012

The snaps are surrealistic…awesummm

31. annaidu - April 1, 2012

The photos are beautifull & awesome.

32. Pawan N - June 15, 2012

So good konkan railway desigen in route

33. Pawan N - June 15, 2012

So good konkan railway deaigen

34. ghatty sai - August 28, 2012

can you please suggest me how to go from chennai. i LOVE TRAVELLING and also I am a retired person. your photos are great.

35. sa husain - December 22, 2012

when photographs of journey thru KR gives u a high, what will be the
actual experience?

36. Jeffery - March 8, 2013

I’m wondering if you might be interested in doing a link exchange? I notice your blog: https://arunrajagopal.com/2007/08/10/a-trip-through-konkan-railway-1/ and my website are based mostly around the same subject. I’d
love to switch links or perhaps guest author a write-up for you.

37. Atul - September 19, 2013

Hi Arun,
nice blog n wonderful clicks..im also plng to cover konkan railway route..hope i ‘ll find some wonderful clicks..any suggestions??

38. அமரன் ம (@AmaranM) - March 10, 2015

i am planning to make a trip in konkan railway ; can anyone help ?

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40. Muralidhar P J - January 14, 2017

I had seen your blog and viewed entire photos & videos. I am 67 years old from Chennai and it is my dream to visit/travel through Konkon Railway ( entire 700 and odd Km). I am a travel bug and I used to take around 25 yo 30 people with me and almost all placed I had visited with my team of friends, except MP and few North Eastern States. After seeing your blog, I have decided to travel the Konkon route at the earliest.
Muralidhar P J.

41. Fred Travels Pvt Ltd - October 24, 2017

The Konkan line is world-famous and majorly known for the spellbinding scenery it offers to its travelers.

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