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Getting to know ‘Age of Conversation’ Authors – 1 May 6, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.

Hello there! Click here to visit the updated profiles of ALL ‘Age of Conversation’ authors on one page. UPDATED ON 16 JULY 2007.

I belong to the select club of 100 authors who have collaborated online to create an e-book titled ‘Age of Conversation’. Here’s a small effort to get to know the club better. I’m going to dedicate some time every day to visit the blogs of my fellow authors and dig some interesting stuff on them. After all, the Conversation Age cannot bloom unless the conversationalists from far and wide get to know each other better. Comments are welcome, of course!

Ryan Barrett’s got a BA in French Language and Literature & is currently a copywriter at a large interactive advertising agency in Boston. (Hey, we share the same profession, mademoiselle!) 

I like Troy Worman’s short & sweet posts! I think his Global Facts, Worth Hearing, Worth Playing , Worth Reading and Worth Seeing posts are worth a look. 

Susan Bird is a sought-after speaker around the world for her views on leadership, the strategic importance of conversation, entrepreneurship, and the role of women business leaders. A Stanford lawyer, she is Founder of MainEvent(TM), the annual global interactive business forum, and the author of The ABC’s of Authentic Conversation. Her blog’s named, well, BIRD’S EYE-VIEW

Sandy Renshaw lives in Iowa and has a business named ‘Purple Wren’ (a play on her name, of course) that provides communications solutions to businesses. Hey Sandy, is something wrong with top menu bar on your site that leads to store, calendar, and books & music?

You are not gonna believe this… We’ve all been posting the list of 100 authors of the Conversation Age from each other… and we have got Kim Klaver’s blog link wrong… a ‘period’ has crept into his URL after ‘com’ in our posts. This is the actual link. A Piscean, Kim has been selling things she loves since she was eight and is today a Network Marketing guru. 

Amy Jussel’s blog Shaping Youth is all about media & marketing’s influence on kids. She is the Founder & Executive Director of Shaping Youth, a non-profit concerned with media & marketing’s impact on kids. Her chapter in the Conversation Age is titled “Mommy, why is that lady licking a beer bottle? Ethics & Accountability in Advertising.” Your masthead rocks! 

Here’s someone who blogs about SUPRISES, what he calls POWS! Andy Nulman’s  one-line bio is “I am charmingly devious. And I will never be limited to one sentence.” He was the co-founder and CEO of Just For Laughs Festival which has launched talent like Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey and Dave Chappelle. Other avatars include motivational speaker, mobile media guru, author, inventive stage director, half-decent snowboarder, hot-and-cold hockey goalie, and controversial pop artist. Check out the POWS!in his blog. 

Customers rock for Becky Carroll. Someone who is passionate about the customer experience, Becky runs Petra Consulting Group, a strategic consultancy helping companies grow through lengthening and strengthening customer relationships. She loves to sing in her church choir and has a pet bunny named Bugs. 

Cedric Giorgi’s blogs in French! He thinks it’s better to be useful than famous. Such an interesting thought. May be Ryan can check out his blog and tell us a little more about Cedric. Merci beaucoup. My French has just given up on me.  

Chris Corrigan is ‘a facilitator of conversation in the service of emergence’. His blog is titled ‘Parking Lot’ and has a good collection of poetry. His other blog Bowen Island Journal is a journal on life at Bowen Island, Canada. In his words, “home to 3000 people, three mountains, two valleys, four lakes, about 15 beaches, two species of salmon, one village and me and my family.” One look at the blog and you know that this place is paradise on Earth for him.  

Colin McKay’s blog Canuckflack is all about public relations, marketing, retail quirks, government communications and oddities … and written in Canada! He works in communications for the Government of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Connie Reece champions conversation through everydotconnects.com, a social media consortium that brings together a group of independent media practitioners who use new technologies to bridge gaps between people and ideas and causes. A total Texan, she also co-authors the humor blog Blogabillies & looks kewl in a pink feather boa! 

Cord Silverstein is the quintessential online marketing hipster. I dig his no-nonsense, cut-out-the-chase bio. Capstrat, the strategic marketing & communications firm he works for, is currently on the prowl for copywriters. I think I should get in touch with him and explore means of long-distance collaboration. 🙂

Craig Wilson is all about Sticky Advertising, a young Newcastle-based agency with a long history. As Managing Director, his aim is to… create Sticky Advertising in Australia.

More ‘conversationalist profiles’ to follow. Watch this space!!!



1. Shaping Youth - May 6, 2007

And what about YOU, Arun? I just clicked on your hilarious blurb:
“Award-winning interactive copywriter. Footloose wanderer. Fanatic rail nut. Aspiring bus driver. Ardent cinema lover. Living in with a Blue-cheeked Bee Eater in a land called ‘Oh man’. Web 2.0 compliant. What next?”—

Fabulous idea to start the round-robin wrap up of co-authors…I’ve been slowly doing the same, but am hammered on bandwidth right now, so only get to about one a day! Today it was YOU! 🙂

I particularly love your “thinkblink” saying from The Alchemist at the top…it fits my goals for Shaping Youth…using the power of media for positive change. Onward!

2. Connie Reece - May 6, 2007

Arun, these are great “conversationalist profiles.” I hope many people follow your example of visiting all the different authors on this project. And thanks for pointing out the mistake on the link to Kim Klaver’s blog. I’ll make sure I get that fixed on my site.

Glad you like the pink boa. That’s my “inner blogging diva” photo. LOL

3. troy worman - May 7, 2007

Thanks for the mention! I am looking forward to seeing TAOC end product.

4. Ryan Barrett - May 7, 2007

Hello there, Monsieur 🙂 I’d love to hear more about ya – to which “large interactive agency” do you contribute your stellar copywriting skills?

I’ve been checking out everyone’s blogs as well and even found some coworkers along the way… crazy world. What did you write about?

5. Cord Silverstein - May 8, 2007


Thanks for the shout-out. I would be more than happy to talk to you about our copy writing needs and who knows maybe I can talk the powers in charge that we do not need someone local.

6. Sandy Renshaw - May 8, 2007

Thanks for the link and mention – and the head’s up about my top nav. I’ll have to check it out.

This was a fun read and I’m looking forward to the rest. Great idea!

7. Gavin Heaton - May 8, 2007

This is great Arun … it is a nice way of getting know the authors a little better!

8. Scott Monty - May 9, 2007

Arun – fantastic. You’ve taken a community-based project and really injected a personal feel to it. Thank you so much for doing this.

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10. Becky Carroll - May 11, 2007

Thanks for doing this, Arun. It really makes us feel more like a community. You must have spent some time on my site to find out about my pet rabbit! 🙂 It is great visiting your site, too.

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