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Paris Hilton for Prez!? August 6, 2008

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Pot Pourri.
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Well, I think it wasn’t a great idea for the McCain camp to do this ad.

Jason Links at the Huffington Post tells us the 3 things that are tactically wrong with this kind of communication.

But the biggest blow is how McCain opened himself to attack from Paris Hilton (apparently a Republican campaign supporter herself!) with this rebuttal ad.

It was very natural for Ms. Hilton to get back. And so well at that.

I’m not a big fan of Hilton here, but I think this spoof ad is a very smart move on her part – lots of mileage and a great upswing to an otherwise much lampooned celebrity image.

A very interesting marketing lesson from the US presidential campaign – never make new foes while gunning for old ones.