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Thank You 2007 December 31, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Social Media.
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foggy wood, originally uploaded by LynchburgVirginia.

Thank you! You made my 2007 awesome. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2008 together.

My gifts of 2007: CK. Luc. Drew. Gavin. Valeria. Christine. Troy. Lewis. Toby. Lori. Rob. Matt. Connie. Sean. Ryan. Steve W. Steve R. Mack. Bob. Greg. Mark G. Neil. Cam. Mark B. Mario. And all the other authors of ‘The Age of Conversation‘.

My gifts for 2008: Everyone going to Blogger Social 2008.

My world: Linu & her folks.

At work: Sudha. Mukund. Murali.

Life: Shibu. Anne. Aviva. Mary. Dina. PP & Family. Subash. Shweta. Ramesh. Anita. Sharad. Shanty. Hameed. Shafeeq. Richa.

New Pals: Swithun. Preethi. Lidwina. Suffian. Dona. Carolina.

Special Ones: Bosky. Prem. Tariq. Pratibha Umashankar. Sangeetha Sridhar. Jayaraj Uncle & Family. Philip Uncle. Viv. BMS Bisht. Selvin. Susan Z. Russell. Ummer. Rajesh Burman. Tangerine Toad. Ryan Karpeles. Susan Reynolds. Rebecca Thorman. Hyundai Aerospace. UMS. Facebook. Indian Railways. WAP4. Everyone in the WDM2 family. Kollam. Old Monk Rum. Mojitos. Ashtamudi Lake. Star Cinema. Shantaram. FreeRice.

Greatest Moments: Footplate ride on the amazing WAP4. Month-long backpacking trip in India. Rail-fanning at Igatpuri. The awesome Konkan Railway Journey. Trip to Thailand and Malaysia. Co-author in ‘The Age of Conversation’. All those metals in Oman Web Awards. Secret Angels at UMS. Guest post on Conversation Agent. The Social Media Challenges. The Night of the AdEaters. Harry Potter. Turning 24.

Thankful for: All the blessings from the past. All the blessings for the future.

Happy New Year! Party on…