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Make the change for 2009 January 1, 2009

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations.

The Coast is Always Changing, originally uploaded by Luka Skracic.

On Guy Kawasaki’s post ‘Signs of the Times’, Tanya Chadwick hits the nail on the head with her sage comment on how one should deal with these changing times.

“For me and mine, it just means do more of what we are already doing… Work hard/er, live right, treat others as you would expect to be treated, save more, grow what you can and keep on living each day to the fullest.”

This is what I am doing this year. What about you?



1. Mack Collier - January 2, 2009

Meet more good people like you, and do everything I can to create value for them.

Happy New Year, Arun!

Arun Rajagopal - January 2, 2009

Thank you, Mack. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. In these times, I feel ‘value’ will be the key quality we will look for in everyone and everything that is important to us. ‘Value’ will also be the main quality that will drive the relationships that matter the most to us.

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