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Here’s to 25! June 23, 2008

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Healthy Living.
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Lullaby, originally uploaded by musicmuse_ca.

If Year 23 was about travel, then Year 24 was about being social – meeting a lot of wonderful people from around the world, making friends and nurturing those relationships. A day after turning 25, I’ve been wondering what kind of year lies ahead of me and I kind of get a feeling that this will be a year of more travel, being more social, but mostly importantly a year of better work. As a copywriter-blogger, I’ve been thinking deeply about what “better work” means to me. For me, better work would be work that I’d be proud of, creates a positive impact, is cause-worthy and makes me happy because I’ve set to do it. I’ve been telling myself that work need not be writing itself, it could be very different things, causes I’m passionate about or things that generally keep me happy. Somehow, I’ve in me that Year 25 will be much about the work I do. I consider the past year one of the most important ever in my life, however tumultuous it may have been, it did have its share of highs and blessings. I’m just recollecting about how I posted about my last birthday, and boy, a year did fly at the speed of light. For those of you who regularly read this blog, thank you for coming by. I’ve met some of my greatest friends from the little conversations on this blog and I thank them for being there. Looking back again, last year I committed to a few goals, some of which I did accomplish, like making it to Blogger Social. I’m in the last laps of my IGNOU degree and hopefully I’ll wrap it by Dec ’08. The dream date with WAP4 22683 should happen some day – but honestly, I suspect that intensity has mellowed a bit. For this year, I would just take off with a goal to celebrate life, enjoy work and smile more. Cheers to 25!


1. Matt Dickman - June 24, 2008

Arun — Here’s to wishing you a fantastic year and hopefully one where our paths will cross again!

2. Luc Debaisieux - mindblob - June 24, 2008

Hey Arun,
Wishing you a happy year #25…
Wishing youbeautiful discoveries…
Wishing you new horizons…
Wishing you joy and peace.
Happy B-day my friend. : )

3. Arun Rajagopal - June 24, 2008

Matt: Thank you for the wishes & I can’t wait for our next meeting. 🙂

Luc: What an absolutely delightful wish!!!! I’m so touched. Thank you.
p.s: I can see the bard in you now. 😉

4. Mario Vellandi - June 24, 2008

Happy B-day Arun. I know the feeling of wanting to do something good in work & personal time, as the years slowly pass. Just experiment and have fun

5. Mack Collier - June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Arun! I’m sure this will be an exciting year for you and hopefully we can meet again for Blogger Social 09!

6. Mark Goren - August 1, 2008

Happy birthday, Arun. Hope year 25 is as amazing as the last two have been.

7. Mahesh PK - March 24, 2010

Happy to see your blogs & feeling proud to say am also belongs to this cultural land.

Wishing you a Great future!!!

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