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Interesting Conversations from Blogger Social’08-3 April 24, 2008

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital, Social Media.
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Cam Beck & Ann Handley, originally uploaded by dougmeacham.

It would have been such a great personal loss if I didn’t manage to accost Katie Chatfield at Opia in the wee hours of the evening. We had so much fun catching up and I really look up to Shouty and her unique perspectives on everything. With her winning personality, Katie was one of the glowing stars of evening. I can’t wait to meet her next.

It was great running into Mack Collier; he’s a man of fewer words, but such a towering figure in this community. It was very heartwarming to hear about Mack’s experience in getting around the ‘handshake shit’ and embracing people in the true spirit of Blogger Social. In that context, I wish to spend more time with Mack, as he is a person who has a lot to offer when it comes to strengthening social relationships. Mack was one of the first I met at Blogger Social, I’ll forever remember his question: Have you met CK?

Cam Beck really hit the nail on the head with his recent post on MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog where he said, “The heart of social interaction is participation, and the root of participation is will.” It was great meeting Cam at the event, I really consider him a dear friend who reaches out and connects with you – he values his relationships – real and online. I particularly had a good time going out for early morning breakfast with him and the other mates. I thought his military cut was spiffy; it had such a rub-off effect on me, that I’m sporting one too.

Armed with an amazing smile, Linda Sherman really makes you comfortable with her warm, genial personality. I’d the pleasure of having a lot of conversations with her, both at the Perfect Pint and in the Blogger Social boat. She was always on the move, connecting with people with her very disarming nature and even after the event, she found the time to stay in touch. It was great meeting you, Linda.

Ann Handley & Vahe Habeshian made such a great couple. I met them first at the informal gathering at the Bookmarks Lounge. It was great talking to Vahe, especially, he seemed like a quiet, genteel person and we did talk a lot about ‘geography’. Ann said later that she felt that she didn’t have a substantive conversation with anyone, because time was really short. A lot of people in that gathering would echo the same sentiment – there simply wasn’t enough time for everyone to connect as much as they would have wished. It was more like ‘hi, hello, nice meeting you, see you later’. But the important thing is, now having met in real time and space, a lot of conversations would now move on in stronger, deeper and on a more personal level, till it’s time to meet again and reinforce the bonds of friendship.

Greg Verdino and Amanda Gravel: Rock Out with your Blog Out, originally uploaded by gregverdino.

Greg Verdino & Amanda Gravel was another couple that turned up the ‘heat quotient’ at the Blogger Social. They looked so ‘yummy’ together and had a ball. I did manage to tell Amanda that ‘she looked amazing’. Nice meeting you two!!!

Scott Monty came over and said hello and I was like, wow, what a voice. I quite admire him for his interest in Sherlock Holmes and kind of felt that he was like one of the characters from the Baker Street adventures. (Just a fleeting thought!) He did such an amazing job as the MC especially during the fund raising proceedings for the Frozen Pea fund. I think auctioning the Jaffe nametag was such a hilarious, neat idea.

More conversations to follow!



1. Mack Collier - April 24, 2008

Arun it was GREAT to see you at Blogger Social and now you are forever immortalized as the ‘picture’ of Blogger Social 2008!

2. Cam Beck - April 24, 2008

Wow. Scott likes Sherlock Holmes? That’s awesome.

Hey – If you want to get involved in the “traveling Joseph Jaffe meme” started by the auction winner, Geoff Livingston, also for the benefit of the Frozen Pea Fund, give me a shout by email and I’ll send you the name tag with the details.

See Jaffe’s latest progress here: http://flickr.com/groups/687024@N24/pool/

3. Scott Monty - April 24, 2008

Hey, thanks Arun. It was nice meeting you as well – I’m sorry we didn’t have more time together.

And yes, I have an abiding (some say unhealthy) interest in Sherlock Holmes. You can find the evidence at http://www.bakerstreetblog.com and http://www.ihearofsherlock.com

4. Linda Sherman - April 24, 2008

Arun, you most definitely brought out the warm, genial side of me by being with me. I’m sure that you did that often during Blogger Social. So what you saw was not just the intrinsic greatness in the people you had conversations but a reflection of who you are.

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