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Interesting Conversations from Blogger Social’08-1 April 24, 2008

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, originally uploaded by ck.epiphany.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Blogger Social’08. And now is when I get a chance to sit down and pen down my thoughts on one of most exciting experiences of my life.

I’m thinking of writing a couple of posts on the event and my trip to New York, but for starters I think I should tell you about the people I met at the event. After all, Blogger Social is all about the peeps!

These are my impressions, thoughts and fond memories of the Blogger Stars I met. If I missed out on anyone or if I ‘misquote’ anything, may I ask for your apologies in advance and solely blame everything on ‘ extended jet lag’.

Best quote heard at Blogger Social’08 – “What do we have to do to get all the women to hug us as well?” – Anonymous.

Another gem: “The world isn’t getting flatter, it’s getting smaller. And this room proves it.” – CK.

Probably the most poignant moment at BS was when CK called out all the places from around the globe that had come together for the event, and reps from 20 states in the US and 8 countries stood up. It was like mini-United Nations minus all the global issues in session. Like Director Tom said, there was pure magic happenin’ in that room. I felt so happy, proud and humbled to be in that gathering.

Lewis Green shared with us ‘the goodness of the heart’. This is one person who ‘leads with his heart’ when it comes to expressing his views and opinions. Lewis led me onto the cultural insight that Americans gave appreciation were it was due and were not too fond of self-effacingness.

Mario Vellandi spoke to me about about bridging the knowledge and cultural gaps between various societies. He was very passionate about being selflessly contributing to this cause. The kind of evangelist we could use.

Blogger Social 2008
, originally uploaded by Matt Dickman.

Director Tom told us about his work on corporate videos, especially how his work had taught him a lot about other things, for example epilepsy. And how back in the days he had to go to New York from Connecticut for all his video work. And now, he gets things done at a stone’s throw from home.

A lot of people were commenting about how there was a total lack of egos wherever blogger socialites gathered. People were so warm, friendly and so totally at ease with each other.

Susan Bird had me in splits when she told me how she walked up to a conked out Air India check-in counter in New Delhi and suggested it would be better if Air India outsourced their systems to India. We spoke a lot about Tigers, and her trip to Kanha Tiger Park in India and I was more than happy to share my tiger cub feeding exploits in Thailand.

Sean Howard had an adventurous tale to share about his train from Canada coming in late. Eventually, it took him more time to get to New York than Gavin Heaton from Australia. He even showed us his ‘get nekkid’ act.

More conversations are on its way…



1. Thomas Clifford - April 24, 2008

Hi Arun!

Indeed, Blogger Social was nothing short of “pure magic!”

It was a delight to finally meet you and of course, all the other (bloggers-cancel that) amazing people from around the world.

Here’s what I believe…

The hearts of these folks are way too big to leave any room for an ego.

Selflessness shines brightly. Then. Now. Tomorrow.

Stay great, Arun…we’re all in this together 🙂

-Thomas Clifford

2. Connie Reece - April 24, 2008

Arun, getting to meet you was a highlight of the event. I just wish we’d had time for a real conversation, but at least we got to meet face to face. Wish we could capture the whole weekend in a bottle — what an amazing experience. Great photo of you in your I ❤ NY shirt!

3. Linda Sherman - April 24, 2008

I loved sharing a direct experience of the Statue of Liberty with you together outside on the Circle Line Tour. I clearly remember when you joined the conversation I was having with Tim McHale on Friday night – even though it was after 2AM at the time. You are an inspiration.

4. Lewis Green - April 24, 2008


I wish I could have spent more time with you. I respect and admire you as one of the world’s really good people.

Peace, my friend.

5. Mario Vellandi - April 25, 2008

Hi Arun,

Indeed, cross-cultural understanding is key to reducing ignorance in the world (which in turn reduces suspicion, lies, biases, stereotypes, and bad policies [political, economic]), while promoting good things like tourism, learning languages, adoption, foreign aid, and looking toward foreign cultures for best practices across functional disciplines like teaching, and sustainable production and living.

Take care buddy

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