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Interesting Conversations from Blogger Social’08-4 April 24, 2008

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital, Social Media.
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Lori and Arun, originally uploaded by ck.epiphany.

It was fun catching up with David Berkowitz, especially after his recent honeymoon trip to India. His recent travelogue on his Indian adventures made me open my eyes to a lot of experiences in India that were unknown to me. It was very gratifying to see India through his eyes. Of course, I was effusive in my praise for his Flickr snaps and travelogue. He, after all went to Kerala, which is my native state in India.

Matt Dickman won me over with his genial smile. It was great running into the legendary ‘Mattanium’. Linda Sherman and I enjoyed his company during the Blogger Social boat ride. Not only did he take umpteen amazing snaps of us in all sorts of poses, but he gave us a fabulous guided tour of the Manhattan view along the cruise. Thank you Matt, that was so very generous of you!!!

I’m still kickin myself in the rear for missing out on Rohit Bhargava’s book brainstorm meeting, but I’m glad to have met him at Blogger Social’08. It was very inspiring to hear from Rohit about his personal vision for the future. BS gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of industry greats, and Rohit is someone who is using the potential of social media to create goodness and value not just for himself but also for the marketing community. It was such a great honor to meet the person who wrote the iconic ’25 different styles of blogging’.

From Ryan’s blog, I heard that Shashi Bellamkonda is a polyglot. From my limited interaction with him, I came to understand him as a very friendly person with a lot of diverse interests and who is generally interested in knowing more about people. Thank you for being a wonder with the camera and giving us so many snaps. Hopefully, we will get to connect more in the days to come.

Lori Magno was truly the angel of Blogger Social’08. I wandered into the Perfect Pint, dazed, horribly late, not knowing what to expect. And I meander straight into Lori – and for a split second, I’m like: Is this real? Is this Lori Magno? Is this the same person? Is it the legendary Audi driving, Mac using, doppio drinking, Red Sox loving liberal? The same person who shipped out all the Weekend copies to bloggers across the States? And in that split second, she screams-It’s Arunnnnnnn and gives me this huge, huge bear hug. And I think-I’m home. I’m home. Lori was the life of Blogger Social, the angel-like figure we all ran to when we were lost and didn’t know what to do. The shepherd(ess) of our flock. And thank you for your work in getting us all those yummy goodies. You’re awesome! You are truly special for me.

Arun, Valeria & Arun’s bag, originally uploaded by ck.epiphany.

Valeria Maltoni has the most amazing, friendliest smile ever. Period.

Said hello to Steve Roesler and shook hands. Meeting him was such an honor. I’m looking forward to more conversations with him in the future.

Watch out for more of my Blogger Social experiences!



1. Lori Magno - April 24, 2008


We look so forward to celebrating soon with you and Linu!


2. Shashi Bellamkonda - April 24, 2008


Thanks for some amazing wrap up posts. yeah ! we need to get together and maybe talk trains. How about a Kashmir to Kanyakumari blogging tour?

Let me know when you are here again or maybe we can connect when i come towards the new world.


3. Arun Rajagopal - April 24, 2008

@ Shashi: Wow Shashi, Kashmir to Kanyakumari blogging tour… that would be like a dream come true. Let’s do it soon, why not?

4. Valeria Maltoni - April 24, 2008

We did not get to spend time together. Funny how comfortable it was to be around you – same effect we’ve had with many others, like we already met. And we have, in conversations around the ‘sphere.

5. David Berkowitz - April 25, 2008

Thanks, Arun. It was a blast chatting with you too. Hope to see you again soon. David

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