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The World’s Most Outstanding Blogs-2007 December 14, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Blogroll, Conversations, Digital, Social Media.
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It’s great to be back after a blogging hiatus.

Despite being swamped by work, I managed to keep track of some of my favourite blogs and keep in touch with some dear blogger pals. But, voila I’m back.

Troy Worman has come up with an amazing treat this season – the Outstanding Blogs Meme that seeks to recognize some of the coolest blogs and bloggers on this planet. Thank you Troy for including me in the fold. It feels great to be back ‘home’.

With the F1 Petronas Malaysian GP trophy

That’s me holding the Formula-1 Petronas Malaysian GP Trophy, but let’s just assume that’s the O! Blog Trophy for time being.

Check out Troy’s complete post HERE.

Outstanding Blogs

Here are some of my favourite Outstanding Blogs. (A work in constant ‘beta’ progression)

Outstanding Blogs-1: Creators of ‘The Age of Conversation

All these bloggers are co-authors of ‘The Age of Conversation‘. What is amazing about this community is that despite being marketing / communications pros in different parts of the world, they are connected by a common passion for social media, a flair for conversation and a desire to make a difference. Some of them are gearing up for a meet-up in April 2008 at New York. Watch out for the Blogger Social’08.

Gavin Heaton Drew McLellan CK Valeria Maltoni Emily Reed Katie Chatfield Greg Verdino Mack Collier Lewis Green Sacrum Ann Handley Mike Sansone Paul McEnany Roger von Oech Anna Farmery David Armano Bob Glaza Mark Goren Scott Monty Richard Huntington Cam Beck David Reich Luc Debaisieux Sean Howard Tim Jackson Patrick Schaber Roberta Rosenberg Uwe Hook Tony D. Clark Todd Andrlik Toby Bloomberg Steve Woodruff Steve Bannister Steve Roesler Stanley Johnson Spike Jones Nathan Snell Simon Payn Ryan Rasmussen Ron Shevlin Roger Anderson Robert Hruzek Rishi Desai Phil Gerbyshak Peter Corbett Pete Deutschman Nick Rice Nick Wright Michael Morton Mark Earls Mark Blair Mario Vellandi Lori Magno Kristin Gorski Kris Hoet G. Kofi Annan Kimberly Dawn Wells Karl Long Julie Fleischer Jordan Behan John La Grou Joe Raasch Jim Kukral Jessica Hagy Janet Green Jamey Shiel Dr. Graham Hill Gia Facchini Geert Desager Gaurav Mishra Gary Schoeniger Gareth Kay Faris Yakob Emily Clasper Ed Cotton Dustin Jacobsen Tom Clifford David Polinchock David Koopmans David Brazeal David Berkowitz Carolyn Manning Craig Wilson Cord Silverstein Connie Reece Colin McKay Chris Newlan Chris Corrigan Cedric Giorgi Brian Reich Becky Carroll Arun Rajagopal Andy Nulman Amy Jussel AJ James Kim Klaver Sandy Renshaw Susan Bird Ryan Barrett Troy Worman CB Whittemore S. Neil Vineberg Matt Dickman

Outstanding Blogs-2

More Outstanding Blogs via C.B. Whittemore’s Blog. I look forward to exploring a few of these blogs in the days to come. Most of these blogs are very new to me… so it would be great if you also write a line describing your blog, if you are leaving a comment on this post. Might attract new readers to your blog!

100 Bloggers, 37 Days, 3i, 43 Folders, A Clear Eye, A Daily Dose of Architecture, The Agonist, All Things Workplace, All This Chittah Chattah, Angela Maiers, Antonella Pavese, Arizona High Tech, A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye, Badger Blogger, Bailey WorkPlay, Being Peter Kim, Brett Trout, Best of Mother Earth, Beyond Madison Avenue, Biz and Buzz, Bizhack, BizSolutions Plus, Blog Business World, Bloggers Showroom, Blogging for Business, Blogher, Blog Till You Drop!, Bob Sutton, Brain Based Business, Brains on Fire, Brand Autopsy, The Brand Builder Blog, Branding and Marketing, Branding Strategy, Brand is Language, BrandSizzle, Brandsoul, Bren Blog, Business Evolutionist, Business Management Life, Business Pundit, Business Services, Etc., Busy Mom, Buzz Canuck, Buzz Customer, Buzzoodle, Career Intensity, Carpe Factum, Casual Fridays, Change Your Thoughts, Chaos Scenario, Cheezhead, Chief Happiness Officer, Chris Brogan, Christine Kane, Church of the Customer, Circaspecting, CK’s Blog, Come Gather Round, Community Guy, Confident Writing, Conversation Agent, Converstations, Cooking for Engineers, Cool Hunting, Core77, Corporate Presenter, Crayon Writer, Creating a Better Life, Creating Passionate Users, Creative Think, CRM Mastery, Crossroads Dispatches, Cube Rules, Culture Kitchen, Customers Are Always, Customer Service Experience, Customer Service Reader, Customers Rock!, Custserv, Craig Harper, Daily Fix, Dawud Miracle, Dave Olson, David Airey, David Maister, David S Finch, Design Your Writing Life, Digital Common Sense, Director Tom, Diva Marketing, Do You Q, Duct Tape Marketing, Empowerment 4 Life, The Engaging Brand, Essential Keystrokes, Every Dot Connects, Experience Architect, Experience Curve, Experience Matters, Extreme Leadership, Eyes on Living, Feld Thoughts, Flooring the Customer, Fouroboros, FutureLab, Genuine Curiosity, Glass Half Full, The Good Life, Great Circle, Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog, Hee-Haw Marketing, Hello, My Name is BLOG, Holly’s Corner, Homeless Family, The Idea Dude, I’d Rather be Blogging, Influential Marketing, Innovating to Win, Inspiring & Empowering Lives, Instigator Blog, Jaffe Juice, Jibber Jobber, Joyful Jubilant Learning, Joy of Six, Kent Blumberg, Kevin Eikenberry, Learned on Women, Life Beyond Code, Lip-sticking, Listics, The Lives and Times, Live Your Best Life, Live Your Inspiration , Living Light Bulbs, Logical Emotions, Logic + Emotion, Make It Great!, Making Life Work for You, Management Craft, Managing with Aloha, The M.A.P. Maker, The Marketing Excellence Blog, Marketing Headhunter, Marketing Hipster, The Marketing Minute, Marketing Nirvana, Marketing Roadmaps, Marketing Through the Clutter, Mary Schmidt, Masey, The Media Age, Micropersuasion, Middle Zone Musings, Miss604, Moment on Money, Monk at Work, Monkey Bites, Movie Marketing Madness, Motivation on the Run, My 2 Cents, My Beautiful Chaos, Naked Conversations, Neat & Simple Living, New Age 2020, New Charm School, Next Up, No Man’s Blog, The [Non] Billable Hour, Note to CMO, Office Politics, Optimist Lab, The Origin of Brands, Own Your Brand, Pardon My French, Passion Meets Purpose, Pause, Peerless Professionals, Perfectly Petersen, Personal Branding , The Podcast Network, The Power of Choice, Practical Leadership, Presentation Zen, Priscilla Palmer, Productivity Goal, Pro Hip-Hop, Prosperity for You, Purple Wren, QAQnA, Qlog, Reveries, Rex Blog , Ririan Project, Rohdesign, Rothacker Reviews, Scott H Young, Search Engine Guide, Servant of Chaos, Service Untitled, Seth’s Blog, Shards of Consciousness, Shotgun Marketing, Simplenomics, Simplicity, Slacker Manager, Slow Leadership, Socially Adept, Social Media Marketing Blog, Spare Change, Spirit in Gear, Spooky Action, Steve’s 2 Cents, Strategic Design, Strength-based Leadership, StickyFigure, Studentlinc, Success Begins Today, Success Creeations, Success From the Nest, Successful Blog, Success Jolt, Talk to Strangers, Tammy Lenski, Tell Ten Friends, That Girl from Marketing, Think Positive!, This Girl’s Weblog, Thoughts & Philosophies, Tom Peters, Trust Matters, Verve Coaching, Viral Garden, Waiter Bell, Wealth Building Guy, What’s Next, Writers Notes, You Already Know this Stuff, Zen Chill

More Outstanding Blogs are on its way!


1. Shaping Youth - December 14, 2007

Arun, you are an inspiration…as the token nonprofit marketing author in the Age of Conversation, I have to say, your social media mobilization power clearly bodes well for all of us at Shaping Youth. It represents the clarity, content and thought-leader dynamic that’s so important in cause-marketing and makes me feel all warm-n-fuzzy that I’m a part of a much bigger venture working for Variety, the Children’s Charity to pay it forward in a way that will impact kids on a global scale.

You’ve been quite a voice of leadership in our AOC community, and I just want to thank you personally for all you continue to do for this cause. Gosh…if I could hire you for Shaping Youth, we would vault to global presence in a heartbeat. As we get our funding solidified, don’t be surprised when I come knocking on your door to hire you as a consultant for tips on social media’s scalability. (to get our word out en masse on mobile and beyond)…

As my Pakistani gal pal, Simi would say, “Shukriya”…(or in Hindi, “Dhanyawaad”) or in my own homeland, of Hawaii…”mahalo.”) For all you do, and are doing…to keep the conversation going. Thanks. –Amy

2. Valeria Maltoni - December 14, 2007

That was the best news ever that you are attending the Blogger Social ’08! keep up the great work and looking forward to your hosting at Conversation Agent 😉

3. OrbitNow! » Outstanding Blogs [meme] - December 14, 2007

[…] Arun Rajagopal of Muscat, Sultanate in Oman raises his O! Blog Award.  Thanks Arun! […]

4. RyanB - December 14, 2007

Thanks Arun!
BTW – A few days ago, Lori and I received the magazine presents you sent. Love it!

It’s also so interesting to look at the advertisements and columns. For example, I noticed an Oil of Olay ad for skin whitening. Is that sort of thing common?

5. Toby - December 15, 2007

Arun – You’re coming to NYC?! AWESOME.

6. Jeanne Dininni - December 15, 2007


Thanks for posting these lists and links–and especially the link to Writer’s Notes!

Writer’s Notes is a blog which offers information, inspiration, encouragement, and resources to my fellow writers to help them succeed.

Thanks for the opportunity to describe my blog for your readers!

Best wishes,

7. Gavin Heaton - December 15, 2007

Great work, Arun! And nice trophy. Looking forward to meeting you in April 😉

8. Robert Hruzek - December 15, 2007

Many thanks, Arun! I too just received the magazine! Wow, really weird to see my face starin’ out from the pages of a magazine, much less one from the opposite side of the world!

I’m honored by you, Arun! Keep up the good work.

Hopefully soon I’ll post a photo for you – the AoC book, the magazine, and yours truly.


9. Arun Rajagopal - December 15, 2007

Shukran Amy! (Shukran = Thank You in Arabic). You bring so much enthusiasm, passion and energy into everything you do. You are my role model! 🙂

Dear VM: I can’t wait to be on Conversation Agent. It would be such a great honor.

Ryan, howdy? I’m glad you liked the mag. If you want to check more ad stuff from the Mid East, I recommend you visit adblogarabia.com.

TB… yep, hopefully I’ll get to meet you in NYC. Can’t wait. 🙂

Hey Jeanne, thanks for dropping by. I’m gonna check out your blog right away!

Gavin… can’t wait to meet you in person. It’d be such an honor to rub shoulders with people like you, Drew, CK, Luc, TB, Matt and rest of the gang.

Rob (my blogging godfather) – You sure looked awesome in the mag. Rock on… 🙂

10. Sean Howard - December 17, 2007

LOL. Thanks Arun.

I believe I saw you were going to blogging social, no? I’m looking forward to finally getting a chance to meet!

11. Service Untitled - Douglas - December 17, 2007

Quite the list and quite the trophy! Thank you for the link!

12. Steve Roesler - December 17, 2007


So glad to know you will be at the blogger social!

Will we have to stand in a reception to greet you :-)?

Congratulations on the much-deserved trophy and looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

13. Busy Mom - December 18, 2007

Wow! I’m in some awesome company!

14. OrbitNow! » Arun Rajagopal Celebrates His O!Blog - December 31, 2007

[…] Arun Rajagopal of Muscat, Sultanate in Oman raises his O! Blog Award. Thanks Arun! […]

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