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Welcome to the 10hr Social Media Challenge September 5, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital, Social Media.

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A long time ago, ‘coffee-guzzling web developing sociologist’ Mark Blair did an outstanding live-blogging effort to promote ‘The Age of Conversation’ through his 24-hour Internet Marketing Challenge.

Inspired by his efforts, I’m going on a ’10-hour Social Media Challenge’ tomorrow (Thursday, 6 September 2007). The mission is as follows: Get on a social media trail on the blogosphere from the perspective of a social media beginner.

Efforts will include:

1. Answering the questions – What is social media? What is its impact and opportunities?

2. Connecting with leading social media bloggers and their great work.

3. Identifying learnings, insights, best practices and trends.

4. Have a great time on the social web.

Expected Outcomes:

1. Create a mini social media hub on this blog linking to a wealth of connections & knowledge that will be of use to social media learners as well as experts.

2. Expect the unexpected.

You can team up with me in this Challenge in the following ways!

1. Ping me about post(s) on your blog which will be of interest to a rookie social media enthusiast who wants to know more. Send me a comment in this blog or email at arunjoboy (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will link to / highlight the same.

2. You may also recommend interesting blog posts / work that you believe is worthy to be part of the social media discovery challenge. I will give you credit for being a great guide.

3. You can just send me a comment or buzz me to check if I’m dozing or on with the live-blogging effort. I’ll be online in Windows Live Messenger, Facebook & Orkut. If there is some new tool we can use to connect, just let me know.

The Challenge kicks off at 5pm Muscat time (1pm GMT – click here for timings around the world) and will end at 3am Muscat time (12noon GMT – click here for timings around the world).

See you at the 10-Hour Social Media Challenge tomorrow!



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