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Ready for a mind game? August 1, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations.

Mental Game

It’s called ‘Mental Tennis’. Apparently, top tennis coaches from around the world use this game to shape up their wards into world-class pros.

This is how the game works. The coach tells the player to play the game mentally. You anticipate your opponent’s game in your mind. You practice the serve, volley and all the other shots in your head, over and over again. You even refine and improve upon them. Mentally, you picture your hands and legs stretching and reaching out to the line – basically you push your body over the limit. You imagine yourself winning and prevailing yourself over the competitor. You visualize yourself doing improbable things – for example a clay court game is not your virtues. But in this mind game, clay court has suddenly become your bastion. It seems that this approach usually works. Mental games make you stronger. They prepare you for success. Your mind, body and soul have already been bought into achieving the inevitable. Confidence is sky-high and so are energy levels. Your limbs move better, your entire body is primed, your mind functions better… even your vision is enhanced. All you have to do is perform, and that now comes naturally to you. Because your mind is prepared.

Apply this mental game of tennis into your daily life. Put it into practice before your next public speaking assignment or work meeting. Try it before you sell an idea to a group of people. Play this game before you work towards your next ambition or goal in life. Hell, use it to even conquer an illness. Trust me, it works. Every time.


1. Jonathan Steele - August 2, 2007

Great Post,

There are even studies that looked at bowlers and other sports where they did this. The result, those who mentally participated in the sport often did better than those who only practiced physically.

This just goes to show that most of what ever we do is mostly mental and only a small portion is physical. Well, that is if we choose to use our mental powers to their full.

2. Luc Debaisieux - August 4, 2007

I also believe that “positive thinking” does help people to focus their thoughts and boost brain power to unexpected limits. Now… let’s concentrate. ; )

3. sean howard - August 5, 2007

Hey Arun,

A friend of mine works with some of the most successful athletes in Canada and this stuff works like you wouldn’t believe.

One of his jockeys can replay any race she sees. Zoom in on any detail. Even take over riding one of the horses and feel every nuance and detail.

She is the top (and youngest) jokey in all of Canada.

I once asked him for some advice on a sport I play (for fun, but competitively). He just looked at me and asked “What are you willing to do that no one else is?”

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