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Trainspotting videos make me happy! July 25, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

I never knew what an ‘anorak’ meant till an enlightening conversation I had a few days ago with a journalist from Khaleej Times, Dubai, UAE. The conversation triggered me to start a new blog – one exclusively for the train love, snaps and the usual weepie tears of longing on days such as today when I terribly miss the clackety-clack of trains (a phrase coined by good friend Lewis Green) . The blog is currently under development, and it will be a while before I unveil it to the world… but now, here’s a collection of trainspotting videos from the back in the days, just to cheer me up. Hope you like them too 🙂

This is one is shot just outside Varanasi Railway Station. A group of straggler kids who live next to the railway lines join me in my rail-fanning pursuit. One of them was pretty high on dope. Note the smoker WDM2 from Gonda with the classic shrill steam engine whistle, a piece of paper getting buffetted in the wind by the sheer movement of the train, travellers hanging onto the door of the coach, the lady drying dung cakes (source of fuel)  next to the tracks, even my ‘poor’ Hindi – trying to catch the attention of the smiling assistant loco driver by calling him ‘Bhaisaab’ (brother), banter with the kids surrounding me… Shooting this was exciting!

The next two videos are shot on Konkan Railway… where my train had stopped for crossing. One of them is the Konkan Jan Shatabdi, probably the fastest train running on Konkan Railways & the other is the Okha-Ernakulam Express. Enjoy the ALCO beasts! And drop me a comment to cheer me up!



1. Vibin - July 25, 2007

Aa theepori swaram kelkan entha oru sukham…. kookipayum vandiyude swaravum thaalavum kandu irunnu pokum.

Fantastic Video ennu englishil parayam.

2. Lewis Green - July 26, 2007


Let me know when your new blog comes online. Send me an e-mail so I can check it out. I look forward to more travels with you.

3. arunrajagopal - July 26, 2007

Yes sir!!! It’s a deal 🙂

4. kutty george - September 7, 2007

This two were the best shot taken arun,keep it up…

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