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Big Brother vs. Small Brother July 22, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

Check out these two videos of a unique sight on Indian Railways – A metregauge train overtaking a broadgauge train and the latter exacting sweet revenge, in a few minutes. The action is set at Kollam Railway Station in Kerala which has a broadgauge line and a metregauge line that has now been decommissioned.

The trains in action are the 7229 Trivandrum-Hyderabad-Narsapur Sabari Express and the Kollam-Tirunelveli-Shencottah passenger. There was all-round excitement as the trains raced each other. While the MG train made early headway by leaving its platform first, the BG Sabari Express took some time to catch up and show what it was made up of.  The passengers of both trains loved the action.  I was travelling in the broadgauge train. My apologies for the rather not- up-to-the mark quality of the videos – it’s compression plus the direct sunlight on the camera. Neways, enjoy!



1. Rahul - July 22, 2007

Speed of a train depend on various factors, so although the video is interesting, no comments please on their performances.

2. Parimal - July 23, 2007

Great video!!!!!
Never seen this kind of race……………..

3. Sriram - July 23, 2007


when was this video taken? as the Kollan-Punalur line has been closed since April 30, 2007

4. arunrajagopal - July 23, 2007

Hi Sriram…
This video was taken on 28 Dec 2006. Btw, I loved your recent Chennai trip report!

5. D. Jagadheep - July 31, 2007

Great video! Long back when MG was prominent in Chennai Egmore, I have experienced a similar race between MG and BG in the Dindigul-Madurai sector, and MG won in that race.

6. kutty george - September 7, 2007

Great shot again,long live Indian railways…

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