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Guess who’s rocking today? July 21, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.


Once upon a time, I was an avid quizzer with a particular penchant for the rapid-fire round. You know that heart-crunching round, where they shoot you a volley of questions at a speed that outruns the pace of your answers. You are not just hunting for the right answers, but you are pitched against time!

Today, if somebody asked me this question in a rapid-fire round of a quiz on social media & marketing, I wouldn’t need more than half-a-second to come up with the answer.

The question: Who’s the smartest marketing blogger out there with the biggest heart to care & share?
My answer: CK.

What else can I say about this amazingly thoughtful & smart marketer who perfectly understands that fellow-marketers need to get on board ‘The Age of Conversation’ to be a part of the conversation that is redefining the conversation between them and their customers.

And what does CK come up with? A neat idea – to buy and gift 5 copies of ‘The Age of Conversation’ on behalf its 103 authors to 5 CMOs of 5 Fortune 500 companies. In true community spirit, CK requested the AOC community to recommend these benefactors and has promised to give away yummy cookies to volunteers who help her get information on the CMOs. The fab 5 companies are: Wal-Mart, Sears, Saturn, NBC and United Airlines.

The buzz gets hotter and two smart marketers have joined the fray to emulate CK’s example – Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg and bloggernaut Mario Vellandi. So that means that more CMOs are going to be a part of ‘The Age of Conversation’ and that’s better news for their customers, right??? 

Here’s a toss of my hat to this wonderful lady of thought & action. And a commitment from my end to give away 3 copies of ‘The Age of Conversation’ to 3 CMOs of most active digital brands in the Middle East. I’ll wait for the copies to arrive and then announce the ‘lucky 3’. Thank you, CK – you rock, as always! And before I go, let me let you in on a small way I’m spreading the word on ‘The Age of Conversation’. Private reading sessions with my friends! I’ve had 2 so far. While Mary Paulose and I read Sacrum’s Warmness together, Shweta Asher has a particular fondness for both Roger von Oech’s How to Think Like A Fool and Steve Bannister’s How to be Happy.

If you have a bought a copy of ‘The Age of Conversation’, may I recommend that you read the book together with people who mean the most to you. Trust me; you will come out feeling blessed and enriched. Like me.


1. CK - July 21, 2007

Oh you are just too good to me (can’t wait to give you a BIG hug at Blogger Social–we will get you there, don’t you worry!). I am so excited that you are taking this program a huge step forward and bringing the gift-of-conversation effort to a GLOBAL level. I love that the MidEast will get such great gifts. Can’t wait to find out whom.

But I think YOU have the biggest heart…after all, you did all our bios for the book and that was such an amazing investment of your heart and time.

Toby, Mario and You need to make sure and take pictures with your gifts so we can make a collage. I really thank you for making my day after Toby and Mario made my week…after I was able to meetup with Mark Goren (from Canada) and Kris Hoet (from Belgium) earlier this week who visited NYC.

Once again–thank you for moving this medium forward and being such a valuable voice to this grand global conversation ;-).

2. mindblob - July 24, 2007

Just wanted to say : well done my friend! You are one of a kind.
: )

3. Lewis Green - July 24, 2007


Thank you for being who you are. I count you as one of my good friends.

4. Toby - July 25, 2007

Arun – Love that we can say that this is a true global initiative!

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