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Trainspotting videos from Igatpuri July 20, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

Here are a few videos of my recent trainspotting adventures at Thull Ghat, Igatpuri.

Freight Train on bridge at Igatpuri
This one is probably the most interesting video as:
• I tripped on a rock as I was moving backwards to get out of the way of the incoming freight train.
• You can hear the whistles and shout-outs of the workers in the tunnel warning of the approaching train.
• I shot this video from a hutment at the edge of the bridge.
• This is a never-ending freight train and I got bored after a while shooting this video. You can see that I’m moving around the camera in weird angles out of sheer boredom.
• Right after shooting this video, I was chased off the bridge by a railway official.
• Did you notice the lovely, daredevil lady perched on the back of the last banker electric loco? I’m sure I can’t ride like that on a loco.
• If you got some spare time on your hands, why don’t you try counting the wagons in this train? First person to get the right answer gets a ‘special mention’ on this blog!
• Please note that there is no caboose in this freight train.
• That’s Suneel walking on the bridge at the end.
• OK, I will stop bugging your brains. On with the video.

Superfast train on Thull Ghat bridge at Igatpuri
Note the loud noise made by the LTT-Manmad Godavari Express as it gets on the bridge. And the ‘hitchhikers’ on the banker locos in the end.

Hike to get to Thull Ghat
A video of the idyllic surrounds of the village leading to Thull Ghat. The village is inhabited by a fishing community. Note the confluence of railway lines. You can see Suneel, the auto rickshaw driver who made my trainspotting adventures a reality.

Bankers rushing to Kasara
WAG Bankers on their way to fetch a train from Kasara. They are running on the down lines. Again note the presence of ‘hitchhikers’ on the banker locos. This video was shot behind the Bharat Petroleum Filling Station next to Ganaka Motel, Igatpuri.

Dedicated to all members of the IRFCA group and authors of ‘The Age of Conversation’ for bringing out an exciting book on conversation that is going to help a lot of kids smile.



1. binai sankar - July 20, 2007

2 WCAM3s+ 39 wagons+ 3 WAG5s!

2. arunrajagopal - July 20, 2007

Great job, Binai – a gift is on its way.

3. Rahul - July 20, 2007

Nice photos, keep up doing it.

4. Karan - July 21, 2007

The Godavari Exp had just two bankers! Generally these days, the trend on Thull Ghats is to have 3 bankers!

5. Saurabh - August 30, 2009

Good job buddy. A masterpiece for comparison between the DC to AC conversion.

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