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Must read fun-stuff for iPhone freaks July 7, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.


Love or hate the iconic iPhone, you gotta check out this alternative buzz around the iPhone. I promise you lot of fun & some useless information to digest. As for me, I’m waiting for the iPhone to hit Muscat, probably next year?

Must-see video of a woman who tried to buy $16,000 worth of iPhones. And a smart kid who comes out top in the end!

Video: MadTV spoof on the iPhone and Steve Jobs. Hilariously Funny!

Hacker activates iPhone without AT&T
He can’t make calls, but iPod, Wi-Fi applications work, says ‘DVD Jon’.

Only 2 per person. Apple lays down iPhone purchase rules.

The Definitive iPhone User Interface Image ‘Porn’ Gallery

The Apple iPhone Review on Engadget. Claims to be the ultimate review.

Conan’s Hilarious iPhone Commercial.
Discover multiple uses of the iPhone. Spiffy!

The Iphone Concept Blog. The iPhone could have looked like this.

Video: Fake iPhone from China.

Here’s a video on the first iPhone customer on Earth.

A chilled love affair. The story of a broken down iPhone handset.

Enjoy this iPhone music video from David Pogue of NYT.

A week in the life of the iPhone.

How to buy the iPhone without the 2 year contract

A list of iPhone disappointments

Info on a Trojan that afflicts the iPhone

What the iPhone doesn’t have

Tech Geeks respond to a GigaOM.com Open Thread: How would you improve the iPhone?


1. Shaping Youth » Cheaper Apple iPhone For 2008: Will They? Won’t They? - July 14, 2007

[…] best iPhone resource roundup of pro and con buzz comes from one of my Age of Conversation co-authors in India, Arun Rajagopal. […]

2. Sulekha iphone chennai - September 1, 2008

i really love the features of iphone. the icons are awesome.

3. Will the iPhone blend? « Arun Rajagopal - September 21, 2008

[…] iPhone, Middle East trackback The most visited post on this blog is the one I wrote on the iPhone. The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most  buzzed about gadgets of our times. While the official […]

4. iPhone 3G - December 26, 2008

Some of the links are dead, but the iphone is a great piece of technology.

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