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Back to Action! July 2, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Travel.

I’m back at work in Muscat after my 42-day break! 🙂 (Seems like I just went yesterday!) It was the best vacation ever with lots of train rides, enjoying the rains & having a great time with friends. I’m gonna post about them in the days to come. Hey, one sad thing happened on my way back to Muscat. I had to give away all the packets of fried banana chips (they ran into kilos) which my friends had got me, at Trivandrum Airport, India, cuz of excess baggage. It was pretty painful doing so, cuz I just love banana chips.

I got home to discover some after-effects of Cyclone Gonu. My dish-antenna went with the wind and my birds lost their earthly abode. The building caretaker was kind enough to retrieved the now rusted, crumpled dish and leave it outside my door. Some rainwater did enter my flat, but dried up leaving dust. That’s cool, especially when lives and livelihoods were lost due to Gonu. I’m gonna get a new dish soon (it’s pretty expensive) not cuz I’m a stickler for cable TV, but cuz I want my birds back. (A lil backgrounder here: My dish is the perching place for a gang of blue-cheeked bee eaters who hang about there from dawn to dusk.)

I’m missing them so much and my million dollar question is – are they OK? Did Gonu take them? Or are they waiting for me to restore their hub?



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