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Back to School July 2, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, India, Travel.

The other day Lewis Green made me a beautiful birthday wish. He said: Happy Birthday. And keep on setting goals and objectives, as well as great memories. They make the journey better.
I believe life as a journey becomes more beautiful when you go ahead and do the things you always want to do. And that’s what I did on my birthday. Those who are really pally with me will tell you that apart from being a loco engineer and railway guard, becoming a bus driver is my secret ambition. It’s not easy getting a Heavy Duty License in Oman where I live. But not so in India. On my birthday, I enrolled in Jyothi Heavy Motor Driving School for a 30-minute class on how to drive a bus. The lesson cost around 8 USD. I took this gracefully ageing beauty named Cheetah for over 10 huge rounds in a rain soaked field. Though she made a lot of throaty guttural sounds, I was perfectly at ease with the right hand drive. But my hand did ache after a while, with the frequent double-shifting of the gear. My instructor (Guru) Anup was pretty impressed with my driving skills. Now, the goal is to take an actual bus driver’s license during my next vacation. Cool, huh? On with the journey!


1. Lewis Green - July 2, 2007


Live your dreams. I did, and although I never became rich or famous, I have had a great life and never regret a single moment. By the way, my Uncle, who has an Ed.D, drove bus and loved every second of it.

2. Allan - July 2, 2007

Hi there,

I’m glad to have come across your Blog.

Just had a question,

Is it necessary to mention the rate, fees and stuff in American $, rather than a currency that you actually paid.

In some ways are you pretending to be close, but yet draped with a feeling is being read only by a US audience (some amount of sympathy attached to it?).

Just wondering.

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