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Here’s to share & care! May 28, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations.

Momma’s StarI wasn’t planning to blog today with the tons of packing I got to do, but I hopped over to CK’s blog and read about the truly magnificent way in which a group of bloggers (Drew McLellan, Lewis Green, Luc Debaisieux (Mindblob), David Reich & Valeria Maltoni) came together at New York during the Memorial Day weekend to honour a great person (CK’s mom) & celebrate their friendship. They were joined by the best wishes and prayers of 20 other bloggers from around the world. 

It’s so heart-warming for me, sitting thousands of miles away from CK’s ‘momma tree’, and be so excited about the magical power of relationships. I kind of miss not being in that group, in the company of such great people who care and share. But, at the same time, I can imagine being there, at least in my thoughts. 

Suddenly, blogging is not all about sharing knowledge, enhancing your social connections or gaining competitive advantages for your business, it’s about to reaching out to people far and wide, being there for them and never missing out a chance to make them feel special, showing them you care. It’s all about discovering the power of relationships and celebrating friendships. 

Someday, I’ll get to New York and visit the ‘Momma Tree’ and I’ll get a silver star on a little chain and put it around the tree. I’ve already got the chain, now it’s just the question of getting there… but then I truly believe that God works on all your desires even before you start wishing for them. 🙂

CK, her mom and their blogger friends all belong to a truly blessed group. My prayers and best wishes are all with you. (Huge Hug). Cheers!


1. David Reich - May 29, 2007

Arun, I hope you can get to New York some day. In four short months of blogging, I’ve learned how right you are — it is more than learning, sharing, discussing. It is building friendships.

2. CK - May 29, 2007

But you’re part of our group, silly…you are a valued member of this community. I was raving (!) about the profiles you did and how I’m so awestruck.

And my next post is about how Luc got on a plane from Belgium and made a dream a reality…we can all do that. I know I’m comitted to much more travel over the coming years. The world is about to get smaller (I’ll make good on that statement soon–shhh).

I am so excited about that silver star on momma tree; that is a beautiful idea. I didn’t think about dressing the tree up but I really fancy that ;-). I can always put one on it for you and take a picture in the meantime.

3. Valeria Maltoni - May 29, 2007


Your care and participation make you part of this community. It’s fantastic how new media and tools are allowing people who want to do great things to do just that. And they are making the world more accessible to those who want to connect. Together, we are weaving stories of what’s next.

4. Luc - May 30, 2007

Hello Arun,

What a wonderful post. You are so right… “It’s all about discovering the power of relationships and celebrating friendships”. And Drew McLellan said it in a vrey nice way as well : “it’s all about heart”. Yours is beautiful we can tell.

I wanted to comment on your blog already for a while ago. As a matter of fact, being out-of-the-loop on posts, comments and all, kept me out of it. Sorry about it. I’m pleased to write my first comment on such a touching post. You ARE definitely part of the group. I’m sure that one day you’ll go to NYC as you said. And I’d love to meet you as well one day. 🙂

Kindest Regards.

5. Lewis Green - May 30, 2007


Of course you are part of the group. Your kindness and caring shine through, automatically making you a member of the community.

6. Drew McLellan - May 31, 2007


One thing that blogging has taught all of us is that we don’t have to be physically together to touch each other’s lives and hearts.

Yes, being able to exchange that hug in person is wonderful. But reaching out to one another is even more important.


7. CK - May 31, 2007

See Arun, you are most definitely part of our community…you make us better and we’re glad you’re ‘here’ now.

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