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Thank you, CK! May 25, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.


I woke up this morning and so badly wished to do three somersaults and land back on my toes, like some gymnasts do. (Not my cup of tea – thanks to my extra pounds of fat). I wish I could howl aloud in joy. (That wasn’t possible either with my really sore throat). I ended up with a genuine smile on my face and punched my fists in the air.  It’s not every day that you are the subject of a glowing post from the venerable CK. Thank you CK for your very kind words. All I can say is that, you’re truly CK (I’m beginning to think of your name as more of an adjective that represents so many wonderful qualities) and I’ve learnt so much from you and the other compatriots in the ‘Age of Conversation’ club. And there is so much more to learn. (In fact, in a few days time, I’m going to write a post about how I’ve put to use some of my learnings to create ‘something unique’ in this part of the world. I think I’m just a little too ‘shy???’ to come out of my shell & spill the beans right away.)

I would also like to thank Dr. Roger Anderson for his kind words. And Mack Collier, Greg Verdino, Gavin Heaton, Steve Woodruff & Connie Reece for their shout-outs of appreciation. And our very own Toby Bloomberg.

@ T.B. : I haven’t had the perfect start to my 42-day break 😦 I’ve had to come back to work intermittently, especially for some meetings plus I’m quite bugged by a bout of throatache. I will be flying to India this Tuesday. I hope you will pass by my blog and check out the travel stuff I’ll be posting soon. Have a great time, y’all. 🙂


1. Bob Glaza - May 25, 2007

As previously mentioned, Arun – you’ve done a remarkable sketch of the contributors to “Age of Conversation”. Continue your wonderful work!

2. CK - May 25, 2007

Oh Arun, you are too good to me. YOU did an AMAZING thing and I was so upset with myself for not knowing it. I am proud to be in the same giving, generous community as you. It heartens, smartens and lifts me.

So glad to have met you now. But please give YOU credit, not me!

3. Toby - May 26, 2007

Arun – Hope you’re drinking lots of hot tea with lemon. No fun to be sick on your 42-day holiday!

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