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Burger King, are you listening? May 14, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Advertising, Conversations.

In an era when the consumer is truly king and has got all the ammo at his disposal to let the world know his opinion, brands better be on the lookout to stay clear of bad publicity as this. Zeichensatz from Berlin, Germany has devoted an entire blog to Burger King. Not on their yummy burgers. But on this interesting ‘CSR issue’ which you should hear in Zeichensatz’s own words.
bk.jpgBurger King opened a new “restaurant” not far from the place where I live. We didn’t have a lot of trash in the streets before there was that Burger King, now we have. When neighbours complained the manager pointed to their two trash bins – “our ass is covered”. What’s next? Whenever I leave the house and remember to take a camera with me I take pictures of all the Burger King items I find in the streets. Back home I publish them in my blog. Once in a while I take one of my thick felt-pen markers, enter the joint and leave the website’s URL at the wall of the bathroom.
Here’s his
BK gallery on Flickr. Burger King, are you listening?



1. Lori Magno - May 20, 2007

Hmmmmm, sounds like the King (or his subjects in Berlin) aren’t listening. Woe unto the retailer who forgets to listen.

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