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Getting to know ‘Age of Conversation’ Authors – 4 May 10, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.

Hello there! Click here to visit the updated profiles of ALL ‘Age of Conversation’ authors on one page. UPDATED ON 16 JULY 2007.

Heyall: I’m back with more interesting bios of the ‘Age of Conversation’ writers: Nick Rice, Nick Wright, Mitch Joel, Michael Morton, Mark Earls, Mark Blair, Mario Vellandi, Lori Magno, Kristin Gorski, Krishna De, Kris Hoet, Kofi Annan & Kimberly Dawn Wells.

Let me specially thank Drew McLellan, Kris Hoet, Scott Monty, Gavin Heaton, C.B. Whittemore, and Lewis Green for their very kind words of encouragement and appreciation. Thank you. Enjoy this post!

Nick Rice is an accomplished marketing consultant based at Lexington, Kentucky having rendered marketing and advertising advice to global businesses and small organizations over a decade. In his present avatar, he is responsible for Account Strategy and New Business Development at Cre8tive Group, an organization that creates ‘cause communication for social innovators’. Cre8tive Group works with cause-driven organizations that struggle with awareness and stakeholder commitments. Here are two things that differentiate CG from a typical marketing communications firm – they only work with eight clients at a time and donate 10% of profits to a non-profit foundation that tells the stories of cause-driven firms who cannot afford their services. In addition to writing Strategic Design, a Top 150 Marketing blog, he is an Expert Blogger for the Fast Company magazine and writes for SmallBusinessBranding.com. His chapter in the ‘Age of Conversation’ book is entitled, “Authenticity-based Branding”. Click here to read Nick’s article – 5 Steps to Join the Conversation Economy.
(Full-marks to Cre8tive Group for an effective website that captures their brand essence exceptionally well.)

Nick Wright is a Freelance Research Consultant from London who blogs about Vir(tu)al Marketing and Media – How is social media affecting the world of advertising?. He says: I blog because I enjoy it and can’t hear enough about the latest Web 2.0 marketing trends. I’m always trying to find the best, most creative solutions for the problems clients face in regards to Social Media today. I find his blog loaded with rich nuggets of knowledge on Web 2.0, viral marketing, user-generated advertising, social media & mobile video.

Perpetually dressed in shades of black, Mitch Joel started off as a rock music writer. Called “Canada’s Rock Star of Digital Marketing” by Marketing Magazine, Mitch Joel, 35, is President of Twist Image, a Digital Marketing agency & a marketing and communications visionary, interactive expert, community leader, freelance journalist, Blogger, Podcaster and believer in doing the impossible. But mostly, Mitch is a passionate entrepreneur and speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing his communications insights, marketing strategies and commitment to building a better community. He has recently completed 50 episodes of his marketing podcast Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. His other blog ‘Foreword Thinking’ discusses today’s top business and motivational books. He is presently writing his first book, Six Pixels of Separation – How Marketing Connects in a World Where We’re All Connected. Mitch also co-launched Distort Entertainment, the only hard music label in Canada to have major label distribution (Universal Music) and whose roster features the platinum-plus and Juno Award and MuchMusic-winning acts, Alexisonfire and City And Colour. He’s on Second Life as Mitch Till. Wow!

Michael Morton brings in oodles of energy and professionalism not only into his office, but also into his blog – Marketing Monster. He believes that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential that advertisements, that content is king, that two heads are better than one, and that he’s a darn good marketer. He says that Marketing is fun as you must always learn new tactics and technologies to make marketing worthwhile to your company. Currently, he’s a marketing associate for Inventory Locator Service, a Memphis-based business-to-business Internet company with thousands of clients across the world while pursuing a Masters degree in PR. He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and swimming. (Mike, I’m hooked onto the Nintendo Wii after reading your post. Quite the consummate marketer you are!)

Mark Earls leads the ‘Herd’ – a journey that aims to expose the hidden truth about who we are. He is a proponent of the Herd theory – an alternative view of human nature that suggests we do what we do largely because of the influence of other people. Mark has worked for most of his working life in advertising and communications as an account planner – at agencies like St Luke’s, BMP and Ogilvy. Mark says: My only intent is to make things better by making our thinking about things better – a lot of the time our thinking is quite lazy. I don’t have all the answers – never would pretend to – but by engaging folk in thinking about our assumptions has always helped my thinking (and I hope theirs) be better, clearer and more effective… I’ve now written my third book or second-and-a-half. I’m passionate about many things. And I’ve given up the day job to make more time for Herd and these other things. Because frankly life is too short. His interests are: Creativity, Music, Marketing, Advertising, Psychology, Econophysics, Neuroscience, Sociology, Art, Cooking, Cricket, Fishing, Diving, Spirituality & Changing the world.

Mark Blair is a coffee guzzling (just like me!!!), web-developing sociologist from Sonoma County, California. He’s been following the growth of social media since the late 80’s and obtained his degree in Sociology from Sonoma State University in the early 90’s. From there, he went on to co-found Pacific Web, a web development company with a special emphasis on building community-oriented websites. Mark’s SMO Blog is an exciting safari into the jungles of Social Media Optimization and Marketing. He continues to do consulting, development and marketing for select clients under the banner of Blairworks. You might also be interested in his website optimization blog, where he shares valuable tips on how to better optimize your website in general.

Mario Vellandi shares his latest thoughts on the world of business and design at Melodies in Marketing. Mario says about his work: I do graphic and interactive design for small businesses, on some days. Basic marketing consulting and giving referrals on other days. Lastly I’m on a self-study personal MBA program. Mario is also involved in Volunteer OC, as the Community Manager for a local nonprofit group. His topic for ‘The Conversation Age’ is Collective Intelligence. And I think The Spirit of Paris is his best snap in his Flickr album. Wait, I like the Sacre Coeur too.

Lori Magno describes herself as an Audi driving, Mac using, doppio drinking, (mostly) Red Sox loving liberal. Based in Boston, Mrs. Magno’s interests include jewelry design, precious metal, clay, gemstones, 60s California pop music & Noir films. Lori is an accomplished fashion designer / jeweler who sells ‘accessories for stylish living’. Visit her shop Moda di Magno. She’s the livewire at Moda di Magno, a blog started with a simple goal of presenting her take on handmade jewelry, metal arts and design. And along the way it has wandered into politics, the Boston Red Sox, a category called WTF and lots of marketing news. She also blogs at The Digital Hive, the “official blog” of Digitas, Boston, that brings the world of marketing, advertising, social media and active branding to life in one place. Her chapter in the ‘Age of Conversation’ book is entitled “Speak to me TJX” where she ponders on what has happened to the deep and abiding relationship she’s had with TJX, the largest apparel and home fashions off-price retailer in the U.S. and worldwide. I’ll be back at the Moda di Magno soon.

Kristin Gorski is a freelance writer, editor, copyeditor and proofreader who blogs about anything and everything to do with the written word. Join her on her wordy quest through life at her blog ‘Write now is good’. Back in the days, Kristin was a college-radio disc jockey and music director. It’s May 2007, and she’s involved in some very exciting projects. Apart from her recent contribution to “The Age of Conversation”, she’s presently working a journalism endeavor called “Assignment Zero: Adventures in Pro-Am Journalism”, which is supported by Wired Magazine; researching “crowdsourced novels”; blogging on occasion for PSFK, an inspiring blog about ideas, trends, and culture; and finished her second novel’s first draft, apart from regular freelance writing and editing assignments. Prolific, I say.

Krishna De is an international broadcaster, journalist, professional speaker and business development mentor and the Managing Director of Oneocean Ltd, a business strategy and development consultancy for professional services firms, and is Ireland’s leading Personal Branding Strategist. She was the youngest person and first ever female to be appointed to the board of Guinness Ireland. She is also the host of Biz Growth Live, Europe’s leading virtual branding and business development programme for corporate leaders.

Kris Hoet has written a few thoughtful words on my humble profiling project. Thank you Kris! It means a lot. Moreover, this feedback is very encouraging for a young blogger like me who is otherwise content to write about movies in Oman and travel in India. Kris is a colleague of Geert Desager, who I’d profiled in Getting to know ‘Age of Conversation’ Authors – 3. Kris studied Communications Management in Antwerp, Belgium. After a 7 year online marketing stint at Kinepolis.com, he joined Microsoft MSN where he has been the Consumer Marketing Manager for MSN/Windows Live in
Belgium for 1½ years and is now Consumer Marketing Manager on the EMEA team. You will find him these days in the Microsoft offices working on all the new Windows Live services. I think Kris’ idea of creating a map to highlight the locations of the contributors of the ‘Conversation Age’ is quite exciting & will highlight the global aspect of this project. Actually your comment has had me thinking… firstly, the e-book has done a terrific job of creating this super-club of conversationalists, and now with my little profiling endeavor, people are getting to know each other better… and now we need to think on how we can as a collective group work together on more such endeavors… I’m sure Drew and Gavin will be mulling the same. (I’ll be reaching Luc soon to complete my profiling of the triple ace ‘Belgian’ club. I can’t wait. 🙂

In a rapidly changing world, the African influence is often overlooked. From Sydney to Sao Paulo there are individuals who are helping shape a new image of Africa. Kofi Annan’s Annansi Chronicles reports on the styles and trends which are ushering in a contemporary definition of Africa. He also profiles Africans who are making an impact in the world we live in. A Ghanaian fashion designer and strategist (cultural trends, marketing, branding) who specializes in the emerging African market, Kofi is the principal of Annansi LLC a consultancy which produces both Annansi Chronicles and Annansi Clothing Co., a premium streetwear clothing line. Annansi LLC’s goal is Makin’ Africa Pop(ular)!™.  Read Kofi’s Interview on “Bling is Dead”. Here’s to Kofi’s mission – Afrique C’est Chic” (Africa is Cool).

“Like anything worth writing, it came inexplicably and without method.” Kimberly Dawn Wells from Medford, Wisconsin is an individual with many qualities and who’s into – everything! She is the Editor of the SquidU Review for Squidoo.com, the Topic Editor for Suite101.com and current Resources for Writers Topic Editor, and currently owns a variety of CafePress shops. She “retired” from her 8 year career as a web designer in March, 2005 and has been writing full-time ever since. She currently has a contract out for three non-fiction (real life) books and is working on about 20 different fiction (made up) books. She’s enjoys fighting flames… she joined the Medford Area Fire Department in August, 2004 and says it’s a blast to be a firefighter. She’s musical – she’s been playing the piano since she was 5, violin since she was 8, drums since she was 14 and many more instruments. She’s also an ‘unnatural’ redhead, born on June 23rd (a day after me), draws cartoons, collects snowmen, digs the color red and abstract art, roots for the Detroit Red Wings, and is 24 years old. Touché. And this is how her brain works.

Profiles of ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Karl Long, Julie Fleischer, Jordan Behan, John La Grou, Joe Raasch, Jim Kukral, Jessica Hagy, Janet Green, Jamey Shiels, Dr. Graham Hill, Gia Facchini & Geert Desager.

Profiles of ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Gaurav Mishra, Gary Schoeniger, Gareth Kay, Faris Yakob, Emily Clasper, Ed Cotton, Dustin Jacobsen, Tom Clifford, David Pollinchock, David Koopmans, David Brazeal, David Berkowitz & Carolyn Manning.

Profiles of ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Craig Wilson, Cord Silverstein, Connie Reece, Colin McKay, Chris Corrigan, Cedric Giorgi, Becky Carroll, Andy Nulman, Amy Jussel, Kim Klaver, Sandy Renshaw, Susan Bird, Ryan Barrett & Troy Worman.



1. Kristin Gorski (KG) - May 10, 2007

Hello Arun!

What a pleasant surprise and a very nice write-up! Wow — thank you. “Prolific,” you say of my writing? I hope so. 😉

It’s great to have “met” you via the Blogosphere, and I’m looking forward to reading your contribution. It’s so wonderful that so many people all over the world are having their say in this. I hope the e-book is an inspiration to others.

2. shwibbs - May 10, 2007

Seems like a great and experienced group of Personal Brands

Dan Schawbel


3. C.B. Whittemore - May 14, 2007

Arun, you are most gracious and inspiring. I am so looking forward to this e-book. I found that the process of creating my contribution took my blog journey to another personal level. When you started blogging, did you ever expect the marvels of conversation and connection that you have encountered? I certainly didn’t.

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[…] Profiles of ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Nick Rice, Nick Wright, Mitch Joel, Michael Morton, Mark Earls, Mark Blair, Mario Vellandi, Lori Magno, Kristin Gorski, Krishna De, Kris Hoet, Kofl Annan & Kimberly Dawn Wells.  […]

5. Lori Magno - May 20, 2007

Arun! Thank you so kindly for the nice profile – and for bringing all of the authors closer together in one place. You rock!

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