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Getting to know ‘Age of Conversation’ Authors – 3 May 8, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.

Hello there! Click here to visit the updated profiles of ALL ‘Age of Conversation’ authors on one page. UPDATED ON 16 JULY 2007.

Hello all:
I’m back with another bunch of ‘Conversation Age’ profiles. On the honor-roll today are the following ‘conversationalists par excellence’: Karl Long, Julie Fleischer, Jordan Behan, John La Grou, Joe Raasch, Jim Kukral, Jessica Hagy, Janet Green, Jamey Shiels, Dr. Graham Hill, Gia Facchini & Geert Desager.

The kick I’m getting from this is simply indescribable. Today, it took me a comparatively longer time to write the profiles as each blog and author sent me on a bunny trail spanning scores of websites and blogs. I consider it a humble feeling to sit in my wintry office in sweltering Muscat and follow the lives of people living in various parts of the world… all of them accomplished professionals… people living their life to their max, yet taking time off to share their thoughts and interests with the world. The richness in their personalities is scintillating… we’ve digital gurus, t-shirt freaks, harley moms, art enthusiasts, storytellers, philosophers and what not among us… and a visit to their blogs is akin to taking a dip in their lives, being a part of their existence. Something that leaves a magical imprint on your own being. On with the show…

Brandopia. What an interesting title for a blog that’s got musings on marketing, communication and technology. Geert Desager is originally from Brussels, has lived in South Africa and France and is now back in Belgium, working as Trade Marketing Manager for Microsoft. He’s studied applied linguistics, did a Master in E-business at the University of Brussels and an MBA at the University of Liverpool. Click here to read his post on ‘How to How to get 9 million views on Youtube?’ But hallo, wait, Geert’s got another blog too… Bring the love back which chronicles the making a commercial film called ‘The Couple’ for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions that explores the relationship between today’s advertiser and today’s consumer. Geert considers it a quite risky project as it explicitly challenges the advertisers – his clients – to question themselves and the way they communicate with their target groups. It’s great that a marketing professional is using blogging as a medium as well as a message to create messages for other media. Through Bring the love back‘, Geert keeps you posted about the making of the campaign and encourages the ad agency creating the commercial to vent their ideas as well. He’s also part of the Map My Name Project, an ambitious viral project by two Portuguese students that aims to create a census of Internet users around the world on a map in a month. Hey, I’m in the Map too now!

Gia Facchini‘s chapter is titled ‘About Conversation’. Based in Rome, this veteran advertising / media man is into cooking, wine, contemporary art (He’s attended ‘Introduction to Contemporary Art’ from Sotheby’s Institute of Art), mountain biking, Jimi Hendrix, rock, jazz and counts Anatomy of Restlessness by Bruce Chatwin is his favorite book. I would really like Gia to take off with his ‘wineyourself’ blog. Gia says: Without a conversation there is no engagement, no share of information, no transfer of knowledge. Without a conversation, we cannot learn to listen, to give words their own meaning and not the one we would like them to have. Click here to read his post on Benedetta Craveri’s book ‘The Age of Conversation’.

Dr. Graham Hill is a principal at CACI Sophron, a London- and Cologne, Germany-based customer value management consultancy. He has more than 20 years of experience in customer-driven change programs in the automotive, telecom, financial services and aviation industries and in the public sector. Graham has developed and piloted the Lean CRM concept with Toyota in Europe and is implementing it in a number of European markets. Customer Value Management Guru. Wow. Want to know why Toyota is ‘kickassing’ Detroit automakers today? Click here to read Graham’s ‘The Lean CRM Toyota Story’. Double-Wow!!

Jamy Shiel’s blog ‘Walk On’ is a trip to interactive branding, new marketing and social media in the new world. Jamy’s an Account Manager in the Interactive Branding department for Laughlin/Constable and brings over ten years of experience managing internet development, marketing and public relations projects for fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and everything in between. And when he’s got spare time, he enjoys reading, playing basketball and trying to figure out how to be a better father to his kids.

You would like to visit Janet Green’s Small Business Marketing Ideas – Marketing Idea Blog to discuss and share small business marketing, advertising and publicity ideas with small- and home-based business owners. Janet’s a 20-year veteran marketing and communications professional, having begun her career in the field of corporate video and broadcast television production. She’s even hosted her own radio shows, worked in retail, and been a DJ in a roller skating rink. Whoa gurl! Oh, I can see that Drew and Sandy were the recent visitors on her blog. And oh my god… there’s this totally other side to Janet, and you can get it at bikerchicknews.com – where I can see photos, news and rants from a woman who rides motorcycles – JG herself… she calls herself RBM (Rebel Biker Mom) and her bike’s a 2000 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 named PB (Picky Bitch)!!!!! Vroom-vroom JG.

Some people can simplify the most complicated things without losing the ‘essence of substance’. Huh, I can’t believe I just wrote that! On her blog ‘Indexed’, Jessica Hagy analyzes modern life with charts, graphs and Venn diagrams neatly arranged on a 3×5 index card. She says that ‘This site is a little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math’. Jessica’s blog can make your day… any day. I just wish she made a cute graph or Venn diagram dedicated for me (too much to ask for?). Here’s to making Set Theory really sexy! Cheers. And if you ever want to buy an Indexed T-Shirt, click here. Oh yeah, she’s an advertising copywriter, and I just got a grab of a rare interview with this elusive hack. What would be her chapter on ‘Conversation Age’? (P.S: Indexed is ranked 265 on Technorati).

Jim Kukril (Marketing | Ideas | Online) is a veteran online marketing consultant and award-winning blogger who focuses on helping businesses make money online through creative marketing ideas and strategies. His chapter for the ‘Conversation Age’ e-book is titled “Can I Have Your Attention Please?” and is about how social marketing tools such as YouTube and Twitter and Flickr are changing the marketing game and how brands today need to embrace them if they want to be noticed in an ever-growing world of noise. He digs Pizzas and the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Raasch is an organizational development practitioner with over 20 years of professional experience, specializing in performance management, corporate strategy, and employee engagement. He was “consultant of the year” at General Electric Commercial Finance in 2001. He blogs on Leadership, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Life, Change Management and Innovation at ‘The Happy Burro’. His chapter “No Limit Conversation” promises to be a great tool to stimulate, reinvigorate and engage in the lost art of conversation. 

John La Grou is President, Founder, Producer & Engineer at Millennia Music & Media Systems. He and his wife Cynthia formed Millennia Media in 1989 to pursue their interest in fine and applied arts. Millennia’s mission is to produce the world’s finest audio recording gear. John’s passion for audio was sparked when his dad brought home the first stereo reel-to-reel home tape recorder, a 1/4″ half-track machine made by the Voice of Music Company. From managing Acer America’s OEM division to setting up Millennia which shipped over 25,000 channels of HV-3 mic preamps to orchestras and musical performers worldwide, John remains committed to absolute sonic and musical purity. Let the music play, John!

Jordan Behan’s blog is about Marketing 2.0, Web 2.0, new media, social media, blogosphere and occasionally on Vancouver Canucks. Jordan’s first media job was at the age of 16, when he started as weekend reporter for the local newspaper. His first assignment? A front page scoop and photo when teachers walked off the job on strike at his high school. He has now over a decade of experience and education in media; working in television, newspaper, radio and online marketing. He is Founder / President of Tell Ten Friends, a small-business marketing firm in Vancouver. He was last seen preparing speaking notes for an impending presentation while recovering from his first ever marathon. Click here to see him run!

Julie Fleischer blogs about new ideas in innovation, with a focus on inspirational branding, business models, media and design. Julie is the blogger-in-chief / Director of Innovation for Egg Strategy (a Chicago-based brand strategy firm that aims to ‘bring the magic of insight to brand strategy, innovation and communication’). She has been CMO of a dot com aimed at making the world a better place for moms, launched a specialty retail chocolate business, ran a national auto care franchise and is a trained qualitative researcher. Her listed occupation is ‘Innovation Catalyst’. Kewl!

Karl Long is the Web / Social Media Integration Manager for the video game group at Nokia. In his blog ExperienceCurve, he talks a lot about the intersection of marketing, social media and remarkable customer experience. He’s also contributes to the blog vcritic.com that explores the social video revolution and ‘watches youtube and vlogs because we’ve got better things to do’. He also rules the roost at tcritic.com, a daily T-Shirt blog that’s obsessed with cool, thought provoking, funny, and geeky t-shirts. (If you want your t-shirt reviewed, email him a snap of your T-shirt at karl.long@gmail.com or better, click here to check out his review guidelines.) Another of his pet projects is Customers On Fire The Co-Creative Business Showa weekly podcast on the topic of co-creation, co-creative business, technology and social media. Karl is also a contributor to blog.futurelab.net – Marketing Strategy & Innovation & blog.marketingprofs.com – Daily Fix from the guys behind marketingprofs.com. Quite the digiman.

Click here to read profiles of the following ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Gaurav Mishra, Gary Schoeniger, Gareth Kay, Faris Yakob, Emily Clasper, Ed Cotton, Dustin Jacobsen, Tom Clifford, David Pollinchock, David Koopmans, David Brazeal, David Berkowitz & Carolyn Manning.

Click here to read profiles of the following ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Craig Wilson, Cord Silverstein, Connie Reece, Colin McKay, Chris Corrigan, Cedric Giorgi, Becky Carroll, Andy Nulman, Amy Jussel, Kim Klaver, Sandy Renshaw, Susan Bird, Ryan Barrett &
Troy Worman. Profiles to be continued. 🙂



1. Lewis Green - May 9, 2007


Your profiles are great! Thank you for doing this.

2. David Koopmans - May 11, 2007

Yes, great effort. Although I know some of my co-authors, it was great to get an overview all in one place. You make me feel like a lazy blogger:)

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4. Jordan Behan - July 17, 2007

Awesome Arun, thanks for all of the hard work on all of this!

5. Janet Green - July 23, 2007

It’s SO much fun to read about everyone’s background and follow the links. Thanks for following a few of mine, Arun, this is a great way to get to know our fellow AOC authors! ~ Janet aka Rebel Biker Mom (She wears LEATHER… she rides a HARLEY… she takes a SWEATER in case it gets chilly…)

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