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Getting to know ‘Age of Conversation’ Authors – 2 May 7, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Conversations, Digital.

Hello there! Click here to visit the updated profiles of ALL ‘Age of Conversation’ authors on one page. UPDATED ON 16 JULY 2007.

Here’s my second post of the series profiling the 100 ‘Age of Conversation’ authors. Thank you for the comments, as always.

Based in Mumbai, India, Gaurav Mishra is a marketer by profession and poet by heart. Gauravonomics Diary features his thoughts on love, life and popular culture while the Gauravonomics Blog is all about his thoughts on blogging, marketing and personal development. His chapter in ‘Conversation Age’ is titled ‘Create Conversations, Not Clutter’. He’s got a cool About Us page with visuals of his various avatars. He’s in Athens at the moment, attending a conference! 

The Advertising Age has called David Pollinchock’s Brand Experience Lab (BEL) “a playroom for marketers and agencies”. BEL builds on knowledge of the future of ‘interaction’ marketing, and the embedding of emerging technology into retail and marketing experiences to create engaging brand experiences for 21st century audiences. David has over 20 years of experience in event marketing and strategic ideation. David is also an Adjunct Professor at the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU. I find the quotes on the BEL website mastheads quite amazing!  

Through his marketing blog ‘Marketers Studio’, marketer, columnist, speaker, and strategist David Berkowitz delivers key interactive marketing insights and trends. He is Director of Emerging Media for 360i, a search-focused marketing agency and a regular columnist for MediaPost’s Search Insider.   

Architect of possibilities and story catalyst, Tom Clifford is a multi-award-winning corporate documentary filmmaker. He helps companies communicate meaningful messages by producing emotional, engaging and authentic videos. Click here to watch some of his corporate videos.

David Brazeal’s blog Journamarketing is about how great advocacy journalism can be used to your advantage to sell your ideas, your organization and even yourself. David is a communications and marketing consultant who helps clients use new media tools to sell their ideas and their organization. 

David Koopmans’s blog ‘Business of Marketing and Branding’ attempts to make sense of Marketing and Branding in the Information Age. He’s a professional marketer and Director of Mokum Marketing, a firm specialising in B2B Marketing. Born in Amsterdam (hence the name of his business, Mokum, which is the colloquial name for Amsterdam) and David is a resident of Melbourne, Australia since 1991. David says that his reason to blog is simple – it connects him to people and their thoughts on marketing and branding and stimulates his thinking.

Carolyn Manning blogs about Business Thoughts & Business Philosophies and is from Pennsylvania, USA. Her main interest is writing and one of her cherished goals is ‘to facilitate better personal understanding by building global relationships’.

Author, educator and small business advocate Gary Schoeniger blogs about insights, ideas and inspiration on innovation & entrepreneurship for small businesses as well as personal and professional development. He is the founder and CEO of Schoeniger Growth Consultants, Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio based consulting firm and is the author of Starting From Scratch – How To Start A Business When You Don’t Have Money. He is presently working on a new book on everyday entrepreneurs.  

Gareth Kay is an advertising planner pretty new to the USA. He works for a Boston-based advertising agency Modernista (it’s got one of the funkiest websites I’ve ever seen!) His blog ‘brand new’ features his thoughts on ‘brands and communications and some occasional random stuff’. Gareth’s on vacation at the moment.

Faris Yakob.
Strategist. Geek. Works at Naked Communications, London. Writes on brands, media, communications & technology for print and online media. Believes that ‘talent imitates, Genius steals’. Bingo!

In her blog ‘Library Revolution’, Emily Clasper states that the Library Status Quo must go. Emily is a librarian, computer geek, and library gadfly currently working as System Operations Manager for a large public library consortium in Suffolk County, NY. She digs gardening, the New York Mets, and spending time with her family (husband Chris, son Robert, and Jack Russell Terrier, Peanut). Buzz words on her blog include: Library Administration, Library Marketing, Library Service, Library Technology & Social Networking.

Ed Cotton
has spent the last 10 years of his agency career as an account planner. He has a background of working with youth brands: first at McCann-Erickson Europe with Levi’s. A founder of McCann’s European youth arm – Magic Hat, Ed is one of the principals of Influx Strategic Consulting, a strategic arm of Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners based in Sausalito, California. Incidentally, Faris Yakob and Ed are members of the Plannersphere community on Ning!

Through his blog ‘Shake Gently’, Dustin Jacobsen, a Technical Director at a Kansas City based advertising agency gives a technologist’s view of the world of advertising. Dustin says: Creativity and technology are two powerful words that when mixed properly, like Apple has done many a times, can create revolutionary results. Areas that when thrown together and shaken can give you good results. Shake too hard and things go awry. Don’t shake them at all and you are missing out on some good opportunities.

Click here to read profiles of the following ‘Age of Conversation’ authors: Craig Wilson, Cord Silverstein, Connie Reece, Colin McKay, Chris Corrigan, Cedric Giorgi, Becky Carroll, Andy Nulman, Amy Jussel, Kim Klaver, Sandy Renshaw, Susan Bird, Ryan Barrett & Troy Worman. Will be back with more profiles. 🙂



1. Carolyn Manning - May 7, 2007

Wow Arun, you’ve done some big-time research with this one! Do Drew and Gavin know about this? They might want to incorporate it. Thanks.

2. arunrajagopal - May 7, 2007

Thank you Carolyn for the excellent idea. I’ll write to Drew & Gavin about this ‘mini-research’ project! 🙂

3. Connie Reece - May 7, 2007

Arun, I second Carolyn’s idea. It is so nice to be able to read author profiles here without having to click through to each site. Awesome job you’ve done here.

4. C.B. Whittemore - May 10, 2007

Arun, what an amazingly beautiful idea! The Conversation Age is turning out to be even more inspiring and connecting as a result of your work.

5. Thomas Clifford - May 14, 2007


Thanks for the profile 🙂

This compilation is really handy to have at our fingertips and I’m sure others who haven’t heard of these authors will now have the opportunity to explore deeper conversations for themselves.

Be well,

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