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50 things you have to know about me… April 25, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Pot Pourri.


1. I’ve loved trains (the ones that run on Indian Railways) ever since I can remember.
2. I’ve always wanted to be a railway locomotive driver or a railway guard.
3. I believe that love can make or break you.
4. I love plum cake, banana chips, French Fries and cutlets like crazy.
5. I’m an absolute foodie, but I don’t do chocolate or most fruits.
6. Most animals take a liking to me, but that didn’t stop a dog from sinking its teeth into my thigh back in the days.
7. Most kids take a fancy to me, but I’ve lately noticed that ones I care about the most don’t return the same sentiment.
8. I absolutely adore my grandmother. I think she rocks!
9. I’ve wanted to get married ever since I was 8 years old.
10. I can wax poetic in my sleep; it’s a trait I picked up recently.

11. I’m truly addicted to blogging, and I especially dig keeping track of my blog stats.
12. I once volunteered in an elephant circus in Thailand. And then went on to bottle-feed a tiger cub.
13. I’m so near-sighted that it’s not funny. Exactly.
14. I used to be pretty good at making longggg PowerPoint presentations, but now I’m hooked onto Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint.
15. I consider Guy Kawasaki among my few idols on Earth for this speech he made at a high school grad ceremony at Palo Alto, CA.
16. When I was a kid, I believed that the red zero-watt bulb in my room was the Devil’s Eye casting its evil glare over me.
17. Again when I was in La La Land, I thought that the rails moved and not the trains.
18. When I was 5 years old, I thought that clouds in the sky were continents with people living on them. I always wondered why they were not affected by gravity and did not fall on my head.
19. As a kid, my favourite lunch / dinner-time story involved a freight train with 100 cars carrying all sorts of food to treat me.
20. I’m very good at making conversation with walls & cats.

21. I still cherish the dream of being a bus driver.
22. I’m quite good at reading certain minds.
23. I believe in my heightened powers of ESP. Occasionally.
24. I go to sleep if I’m in a really bad mood.
25. I prefer to stand and eat than sit and eat.
26. I love evangelizing the merits of digital media to friends, foes and clients alike.
27. I think the quality of a man’s life is a lot defined by the women he associates with.
28. I’m quite good at picking up the right deals & bargains at the right time.
29. I think God’s love for me is unlimited and that he is doing a fantastic job of watching over me.
30. I wish I could draw well cuz as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

31. I believe in doing whatever my heart wants cuz I’m anyway gonna lose my mind some day.
32. I know that no human being can understand me quite well. Amen.
33. If you don’t find peace in your life, do visit this quiet railway station called Munrothuruttu in Kerala, India. You will find it there, like I did. Or, even try an early morning walk at the Miramar Beach in Goa.
34. Arunspeak: If it were not for women, life here would be a very boring affair.
35. I can brew a really mean coffee.
36. I’m absolutely plugged into music. I take turns doing justice to my desktop and laptop music players, portable mp3 player and Nokia N-Series Music Edition phone every day.
37. I want to retire from work when I’m 45. Now make that 40.
38. My dream home stands next to a railway track.
39. I believe that Creativity is one of the few avatars of God.
40. I’m an absolute cinema freak and I’ve had the pleasure of watching a lot of movies in cinema theatres all by myself. In Muscat.

41. I’m a rain freak as long as I don’t get drenched.
42. I want to go on a world tour some day. Some day!
43. Arunspeak: The only thing on Earth where you will find perfection is in a Lexus ad. In the tagline.
44. I tend to clown around a lot, especially at work, but that’s just an engine that gets me going.
45. I believe that words are like weapons, once lost they are never retrievable. I don’t follow it. Usually.
46. I hate the notion of buttoning up shirts, especially the one below the collar button.
47. My next blog is going to create waves.
48. I’ve a huge crush on high heels – always wanted to be a shoe designer.
49. If you’ve still made it through till this, you probably share my quality of intolerant patience.
50. I’m who I’m. 🙂



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