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Sporty sets off… April 15, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Pot Pourri.

Styris strokes Nel for a sparkling boundary,
As Proteas stoke in a stifling quandary.
The Kiwis speed forth to a victory,
Like a rocket bang on its trajectory.
I wither in despair, ready to pull out my wispy hair.
So I don the tracksuit and decide to hit the gloomy road.
The clock tower chimes midnight,
As I rumble past it on a lonely night.
Neon lights grimace. As a slovenly drunk staggers past.
I take a curve and head apart –
Puff and pant, heave and hove, curse be to all powers above…
As I drag me past the lamp posts and billboards…
Around the cinema and past the office towers…
Into the alleys and on to the sandy gravel…
All you hear is ‘thud-thudding’ on the road…
As ‘Sporty’ bundles and trundles along
In a bid to slice all the fatty tissue off…



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