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Hit me, hit me not! March 24, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Indian Railways.

Dramatic shot at a railway crossing in India: Passersby make a valiant attempt to move an injured cow away from the path of an oncoming train – the Kota Jan Shatabdi. The cow had presumably been hit on the flanks by a passing train a little while ago. Pic by Karthik Nanda of IRFCA (Indian Railways Fan Club).


1. The Smokin' WDM2 - April 7, 2007

is Karthik nanda some bro of shanx? ‘coz he’s the one who uploaded it and their surnames are same.. just wondering hehe

2. Arun Rajagopal - April 7, 2007

Hello Sriram! I’m assuming Karthik should be related to Shanx. Awesome picture though… the one that’s got some story behind it!

3. karthik - February 25, 2008

Hi this is karthik. A friend of mine unrelated to irfca came to this link thru google. Yup i am Shanx kid bro. I actually came out of train to get my 5rs coin hammered under train wheel 😛 and I got to see that.

The cow was actually scratched by a train earlier, which disabled her. She was definitely alive but unable to walk or get up. The oncoming train was actually running slow but when it saw the animal on the track it stopped there… for some 2 minutes.

It took some 3-4 minutes to drag the animal to safety.

4. bhaswaran - May 20, 2008

A cow in front of the formidable “Red Beast” of the Indian Railways – the WAP-4

5. Wanderer - May 26, 2009

hey this is an awesome photo. I only looked at the photo previously and felt horrible at the thought of what would have happened next – thankfully I read Kartik’s comment above. Great to know she survived 😀

PS: If you don’t mind I’ll borrow this picture to post on the Facebook profile. Thanks. I’ll give credit where it is due 🙂

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