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How to brew a perfect cup of coffee? March 18, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Pot Pourri.

The venue: Pantry at an interactive agency in the Middle East.
Ingredients: A glass mug, teaspoon, Nescafe, powdered milk, sugar, a Russell Hobbs kettle, yourself and a bit of showmanship.
Way forward: Wash the cup. Rinse the spoon (if you really want to). Fill the kettle with water and leave it to boil. Turn the kettle off, much before it touches boiling point, that’s when the kettle switch goes off. Meaning, don’t leave the water to boil. Just make it hot-warm. Trust me; you don’t want the scalding water to mess up Nescafe’s flavour. So water’s ready. Add two and half spoons of milk powder to the cup. (Oh yes, I prefer using the same teaspoon in all the acts of coffee making.) Lift the kettle, tilt it at an awkward angle and pour water slowly into the cup to form a milky froth. Ensure that the water doesn’t hit your groin. Add howmucheva spoons of sugar you would like to this creamy mix. Make sure that your natural showmanship shows. Now, uhm, ideally take two teaspoons of Nescafe and add it to the milk and swirl. For added effect, take another mug and pour your coffee/mixture from cup-to-cup to create a consistent, well-blended drink. Serve with a lot of chutzpah.
Comment: The presence of a pretty gurl as you brew coffee will have a marked improvement on your coffee making skills.
Upcoming Attraction: The ‘How to brew a perfect cup of coffee using the scrambled egg approach’ tutorial.



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