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Raves & Rants from Dubai February 2, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Pot Pourri.

I got to Dubai yesterday evening. Left Muscat at 4.30pm on an ONTC coach. Listened to music throughout the journey. Dozed off once in while. Got to the borders – Wajajah at Oman and Hatta at UAE. Thankfully there was hardly a crowd, and breezed through the visa application formalities in a jiffy. The traffic scene in Dubai was kinda OK, so got to Deira around 10.30pm. Got a cab, whizzed past Dubai, entered Sharjah and reached a dead end in Ajman. Spent close to 2 hours in a traffic gridlock in Ajman, where UAE nationals where celebrating their victory over Oman in the recent Gulf Football Cup Final. It was a crazy scene, with hundred of cars decked in the UAE national flag colours, confetti, flags, spray paint and what not clogging the roads, honking and generally kickin up a storm. Wondered what would be the scene if UAE actually won the FIFA cup. Btw, today the UAE national football team is gonna b given a grand reception by the ruler of Dubai, which includes a ceremonial ride around Dubai Roads before leading them the Global Village at Dubai Shopping Festival. Also, it happens to be the last day of DSF. Got to Ajman where I am staying, a little past midnight. Spent time with my folks and then slept like a log. Woke up in the morning and checked my blog and discovered that Etisalat, the ISP here, had blocked my blog’s Flickr widget, that enables you to see my Flickr album in this blog as a slideshow. Etisalat says: “We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates.” What’s my Flickr photo album with India travel snaps got to do with the religious, cultural, political & moral values of the UAE?????!!!!
Oh yes, if you guys are headed to the Marina Mall at Abu Dhabi today, you can catch a glimpse of the Ferrari F1 drivers – Raikkonen and Massa. Mubadala, a UAE based investment firm, has picked up a piece of Ferrari F1 and they have brought in these guys to the UAE. Neat! When is Mubadala gonna pick up a stake in the Indian cricket team?
Before I log off, let me tell you an interesting thing that happened yest… there is this mag called Thursday that comes with the newspaper Times of Oman. The current issue of Thursday has got a student – a young chappie on its cover… well what’s wrong with that you may ask – the current issue is after all on exams and students – and there’s a serious looking young bloke clutching his pen and deadpanning into the camera surrounded by a heap of tomes… now for the surprise bit – he looks just like me, except for the nose!!!
Found that coincidence pretty intriguing – especially with people asking me – r u the guy on Thursday… lol…
have you ever run into someone who resembles you in looks? Okie dokie, that’s my news from over here, what’s yours?


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