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Schmoozeby in India January 14, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

This is the story of my travels in India from December 2006 to January 2007.
16 destinations. 22 train journeys. Over 2000 snaps. And 8 movies. All in 30 days.
My blog covers most of my experiences, adventures and moments on the move. Understandably, I have left out quite a few adventures, especially the ones that can’t be shared on a public domain. Also, there are a lot of moments, which words or pictures failed to capture.

India is such an amazing country, and I don’t think one can ever be done seeing and experiencing ‘incredible India’. Last, but not the least, this blog is written from the perspective of a hardcore ‘rail-fan’ – so please bear with constant references to ‘the stunning Erode WDM2* at the helm of the 7229 Sabari Express effortlessly notched up the gradient….’ – just kidding!!!, I don’t think there is such a line anywhere in my memoirs. Rail-fanning offers a great avenue to explore large stretches of India, at less time, energy and money. You haven’t seen the world, if you haven’t seen India. I look forward to your comments, and queries, if any. Thank you for visiting my blog.

*WDM2 – One of India’s finest diesel locomotives (See the above snap). Often called the workhorse of Indian Railways. Has a power output of 2600HP and is designed for mixed traffic service, passenger or freight. Geared for a maximum speed of 120 Kmph.

Here are the links to my travelogue:
Thursday, 7 Dec 2006: Delhi beckons
Friday, 8 Dec 2006: Delhi Deewana
Saturday, 9 Dec 2006: Down in Delhi
Sunday, 10 Dec 2006: Adieu to Delhi
Monday, 11 Dec 2006: A ride on the Brahmaputra Mail
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006: A date with the Gods in Varanasi
Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006: Crossing India’s heartland
Thursday, 14 Dec 2006: Mumbai madness, Konkan respite
Friday, 15 Dec 2006: An encounter with Bharathapuzha
Saturday, 16 Dec 2006: Rail-fanning in Cochin
Sunday, 17 Dec 2006: Killer Kovalam
Monday, 18 Dec 2006: Konkan, here I come!
Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006: Schmoozeby hits Goa!
Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006: The Miramar Magic
Thursday, 21 Dec 2006: Calangute comes calling…
Friday, 22 Dec 2006: Mangalore Siesta
Saturday, 23 Dec 2006: Wandering Ministrel in Mangalore
Sunday, 24 Dec 2006: Disaster at Pollachi!
Monday, 25 Dec 2006: Santa visits Kodaikanal
Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006: Adventure in the Kodai Forests
Wednesday, 27 Dec 2006: Taking a Break
Thursday – Saturday, 28 – 30 Dec 2006: The Cochin Sojourn & How to haggle in India
Sunday, 31 Dec 2006: The Ashtamudi Lake Cruise
Monday, 1 Jan 2007: Happy New Year!
Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007: Bits & Bytes from Bangalore
Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007: Blighted in Bangalore
Thursday, 4 Jan 2007: Toddy time at Thirumullavaram
Friday, 5 Jan 2007: Finding solitude at Paravur Lake
Saturday, 6 Jan 2007: Rail-fanning in Kollam, Kerala
Sunday, 7 Jan 2007: Back to Muscat



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