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Sunday, 10 Dec 2006: Adieu to Delhi January 12, 2007

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in India, Indian Railways, Travel.

Spent the better part of the day exploring Connaught Place. Was among the first customers at McDonalds in the morning. Three cheers to the veggie burger. Went to New Delhi Railway Station to get tickets for our journey to Varanasi the next day. Was told that all trains were running full and was asked to come back three hours before the departure of a particular super fast train we wanted to catch. Headed to Connaught Place which had become our regular jaunt by then. Ate at TGI’s late afternoon. I gulped down a Mojito, while my friend devoured pasta and beer. Took the metro to Chanakyapuri and then had a round in a cycle rickshaw. Came back to New Delhi Rly Station, braved the long queues, the unbearable heat and put on a brave front as we were told there were no tickets available in Sleeper or AC classes on our train. Was recommended to see if Delhi Station had tickets. Took the metro to Delhi, stood in the long queue only to be told there were no seats. Was finally approached by a tout, who got us tickets on the Brahmaputra Mail to Mughalsarai which is 16 odd kilometres from Varanasi. Bought them with some trepidation, as I was kinda worried if they were bogus. Also felt quite annoyed about this criminal practice where railway officials told passengers that there were no tickets, but sold them to touts. Headed back to New Delhi by metro rail, got our baggage and then headed back to Delhi Station in an autorickshaw. Saw numerous marriage processions on the road (baarat). Apparently it was the most auspicious day in the Hindu calendar to get married. And then it rained! Ran into a quite swanky eatery at Delhi station, couldn’t help laughing out aloud hearing another of those funny radiomirchi ads. Tucked into a sombre plate of curd rice…

To view more snaps from New Delhi, click on http://new.photos.yahoo.com/schmoozeby/
Type ‘New Delhi’ in the ‘search tags’ field in the top right corner and click ‘Go’.



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