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Schmoozie says Hi! November 27, 2006

Posted by Arun Rajagopal in Pot Pourri.

Hello…The weather’s been pretty great in Muscat today, with the clouds sailing past my glassy windowscape at work and the sun playing peekaboo. With people in office discussing their holiday plans from 29 Nov to 1 Dec (National Day Hols in Oman when the country goes off to snooze), I chipped in with my travel plans for my vacation. I have got 10 more days to go before I take off for a month to India. One definite thing I’m looking forward to this vacation is to do an ‘India trip on rails’. Being a train freak myself, it’s been a long time dream to travel across India on trains and check out the sights one of the most beautiful lands on Earth has to offer.The IndRail pass offers an excellent way to explore India on rails for a designated period of time. I will have to go one of these days to National Travel & Tours in Muscat to pick up my IndRail pass. http://www.indiatravelite.com/railway/indrailpass.htm

I will be taking a pass for 21 days, which would cost me around US$ 198 which works out to around Rial Omani 76. And this pass entitles me to travel in 2AC, 3AC, Sleeper and General classes in virtually any train in India for 21 days, without paying any reservation or supplementary charges. Works well for me, since I am planning to hop on, hop off trains as I go places…I’ve been taking pointers from friends at work on my Bharat Yatra (Indian Trip)…

Chan, the art director at the agency says that it’s better to travel in AC class during winter… as sleeper compartments will be all covered up and would get very stuffy and uncomfortable to travel in. He highly recommends AC travel… while I know I will really miss awesome rail sights including rumbling trains, idyllic railway stations and picturesque views if I am boarded in a darkened AC compartment…

Shanty, the copy chief at agency and close compatriot was recommending places of interest to visit… he suggests taking off on the breathtaking Konkan Railway Route with stopovers at Mahe, Karwar & Mumbai before taking off for Rajasthan and then coming back to Goa, where he recommends me to spend a few days checking out Goa, Madgaon, Kulem, the babes n beaches till Christmas before coming back to Kerala sometime around New Year…

Will keep you posted on the travel plans… Ciao 4 now!



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